MUST SEE! Trump Pulls Ahead: The Myth of the Gender Gap

As Donald Trump pulls ahead, even CNN admits that Hillary’s lead with women is an oversimplification.

Donald Trump pulls ahead in a recent CNN poll, but that isn’t the most interesting fact reported in this segment:

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We’ve constantly been told that Donald Trump has a “woman problem.” There is supposedly a gender gap between Trump and Hillary Clinton that is solidly in Clinton’s favor.

But, as reported above, Trump has a slight lead with wives.

Hillary is an elderly, married woman. Yet she doesn’t seem to be leading in her own demographic.  She leads by more than fifty percent with unmarried women. Presumably, that population is younger, on average, than the married women. Of married women, 53 percent favor Trump.

So why does anyone claim that Trump faces the bad side of a gender gap? If the difference was due to gender, then marital status would not make the gap go away. Women are still women when they get married. Something about the interests and/or ideology of women who get married leads them to be slightly more likely to support Donald Trump than Hillary Clinton.

Have you ever heard anyone in the media address this before?

Of course, the big story as Donald Trump pulls ahead is how well he does with independents. Republicans have always needed independents to put together a coalition of voters that could win the White House. Despite supposedly “high negatives,” Donald Trump is succeeding where more conventional Republicans have failed.

The media treats Donald Trump as a right-wing zealot, but his lead over Hillary Clinton among independents is large. Why don’t I see media stories endeavoring to find out why? Aren’t journalists supposed to explain what is happening?

And while the enthusiasm gap is mentioned, not much is said about it. If Hillary Clinton is counting on her voters to show up at the polls, she needs them to be enthusiastic. Indeed, their lack of enthusiasm could mean that Trump has a larger lead than the polls show.

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