MUST SEE! No Wonder the Troops Support Trump!

The troops support Trump because he acknowledges you support the troop by keeping promises to them, not through unnecessary wars.

There have been questions about why our troops support Trump in such big numbers. After all, didn’t Trump mock John McCain’s sufferings as a P.O.W.?

Well, here’s a newsflash. As far as we know, none of the bureaucrats in Veterans Affairs ever mocked a P.O.W., but that didn’t prevent veterans from dying on secret and illegal waiting lists.

I missed the speech initially but then I saw this tweet from a professional Hillary supporter:

That’s just a snip. The full video is below. The presentation begins at twenty minutes and Donald Trump’s speech begins at 25:40.

I don’t know if it is Trump’s best speech but it is a great speech. I’m surprised that Kirsten Powers referred to it, given how much he slams Clinton. Trump exposes that Hillary has tried to diminish the VA scandal. She obviously sees government workers as her voting bloc and wants to flatter them. He also points out that spreading terrorism overseas, making the world a more dangerous place, endangers our troops. He cites Hillary’s terrorist promotion program in Libya with the resultant killings of Americans in Benghazi.

So Hillary is more likely to get our troops killed or wounded, and she is more likely to allow the wounded to languish and die.

So why vote for her?

The same impulse that made primary voters choose a non-politician is going to be a factor in the general election. While people may wonder whether Trump will be able to keep his promises, there is no question that Hillary Clinton and the Democrats have a habit of neglecting the troops (the VA scandal is their scandal) and destabilizing the Middle East (even when it brings them into conflict with Russia for actually opposing terrorism rather than trying to use it for regime change).

Meanwhile, Donald Trump repeatedly calls for removing and disciplining Federal workers who violate their duty and neglect the troops (see 30:35 and following in the speech). If he were trying to make it easier to win the presidency, according to conventional wisdom, he would not say things to antagonize government workers and their unions.

Hopefully, this won’t be a conventional election.

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