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Watch John Kasich Explain How He Will Be The GOP Nominee [VIDEO]

The more John Kasich postures as if he is the obvious pick, the more he will turn voters against him.

As John Kasich postures as the automatic Republican nominee, one wonders how he can possibly win more state primaries. Here are some snippets from his performance on CNN yesterday:

Presidential candidate John Kasich tells CNN’s Dana Bash that the Republican party is headed to an open convention.

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Here are the polls showing that, as candidates have dropped out of the Republican race, Kasich is still unpopular with about four-fifths of voters. Yet Kasich postures as if he is the obvious nominee. And he lectures us about it.

As CNN quotes him:

everybody’s gotta face the fact that we’re going to an open, multi-ballot convention. That’s where we’re headed, and the convention is an extension of what we’re going through right now. And so, I’ve been at a convention that was contested in 1976, what happens is the delegates will take everything seriously, they will take a look at people’s experience and their electability. And that’s fine. I don’t know why everybody’s so panicked about this, everybody needs to take a little chill pill, to tell you the truth.

Maybe—if Donald Trump doesn’t get enough delegates. (As I’ve said before, if he does win enough delegates, the RNC will probably change the rules and rob him and the voters.)

What is Kasich doing to stop Trump?

In terms of the primaries, nothing. All he is doing is making it more difficult for [score]Ted Cruz[/score] and staying in so that the establishment can use his fake candidacy to rationalize shoving him down our throats.

Like any bully, relying on force, Kasich postures like he has the moral high ground and lectures us, telling us to “take a chill pill.”

Bold words from a poison pill we will be forced to swallow!

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are very much opposed to each other. But on the major issues that are galvanizing Trump supporters, Cruz is closer than anyone else. Furthermore, Cruz also finds support among the conservative base at the heart of the opposition to Trump. Kasich represents a minority position in the Republican Party.

If Trump fails to bring the number of delegates he needs to the convention, the contest should be between Trump and Cruz. The stunning rejections of Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, [score]Marco Rubio[/score], and John Kasich, who has done worse than Rubio before he dropped out, should clearly show the Republican establishment what will happen to their party if they force Kasich on the people.

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