MUST SEE! Feminist Hypocrisy Gets Owned!

A Canadian newspaper’s feminist hypocrisy and wish for censorship are displayed and dissected.

This video is from Canada but Americans will be all too familiar with the feminist hypocrisy that Ezra Levant calls out.

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According to CBC News,

The St. John’s Telegram — which calls itself the People’s Paper — used its front page Friday to blast what it says is “a huge lack of respect” for female journalists and women in general.

Managing editor Steve Bartlett used the headline “This is not OK!” for his response to an uproar over the past several days.

Bartlett said he was enraged by online attacks aimed at reporter Tara Bradbury. She was bombarded with nasty comments after writing an article about FemFest, a local feminist conference on domestic violence and other issues.

“People are entitled to their opinion but I don’t think it needed to go to the level that it went,” Bartlett said in an interview with The Canadian Press. “That was what really upset me.”

Equating arguments with hate.

Bartlett is right that some of the comments were rude, but notice his strategy. The front page picture with his editorial equated arguments and statements or principle with insults and “hate.”

Particularly this one:

Feminism is just like BLM: it’s just not about equality; it’s about special rights.

That’s the same as saying that she would be a good porn star?

No! That is a critique of feminism (and Black Lives Matter) that suggests that women’s equality is a good thing but that feminists aren’t advocating equality but something else.

Bartlett thinks it is “not OK” to even entertain such thoughts in a public forum. He wants anyone who states such an argument to be regarded as the moral equivalent of calling a woman a bad name.

Feminists call men names all the time, but that’s OK.

Levant is right to laugh at the feminist hypocrisy, but this is no joke. The seeds of rigid cultural totalitarianism are found in this newspaper editorial.

They are also found in the Democrat candidate for President.


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