Must See: Dramatic Video of Good Samaritans in Texas Saving Two Babies from Drowning in Overturned SUV

In what will no doubt be the best story of the day, a group of Good Samaritans in Texas were recorded heroically saving two beautiful children from drowning after the vehicle the kids were in flipped into a drainage ditch during a storm.

The story unfolded on Saturday as a series of powerful storms ripped through Texas bringing torrential rain, high winds, and monster tornadoes rolling through the state. That was when a father and his two small children found themselves in the fight of their lives near Myrtle Springs, Texas. The SUV they were in hydroplaned on the slick roadway and the father lost control of the vehicle which soon tumbled and flipped into a drainage ditch running alongside the road. Others nearby noticed and rushed to help as the water raging through the ditch began to rise.

More than half a dozen Good Samaritans risked life and limb to save the father and his trapped children in the terrifying situation.

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One passerby filmed the entire event and you can feel the palpable sense of dread, terror, and heartache as the gathered crowd fights to save the two little lives.

The heroes faces several obstacles as more than half of the vehicle was submerged, the water was moving too quickly to easily open the doors, and the children were still strapped in to their seats, creating multiple hinderances to freeing them from vehicle. But even as the situation grew more perilous for the rescuers they continued to battle…

Watch the entire dramatic event from the cell phone video:

Local Texas news posted an update later in the day after the family arrived at the hospital:

In a posting on social media Sunday from a local hospital, the father of the children said he and his infant son are doing much better. The following is what the family wrote about the toddler’s condition:

“Update on addy bug, she is stable and doing much better. Still under sedation but pulling the breathing tube in the morning to see if she can do it on her own.’


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