Must See: Donald Trump’s 5 Best Moments from Last Night’s Debate!

Even the most jaded of pundits were quick to declare Wednesday night’s debate a rousing success for Donald Trump’s campaign. He owned the first 90 minutes of the debate and at times expertly exposed Hillary Clinton for the corrupt D.C. elitist that she is.

With the help from Mr. Trump’s campaign team we’ve narrowed down his many great moments from the debate to the best 5 for your enjoyment.

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From Donald Trump’s campaign website:

There is no question that Donald Trump was the clear and indisputable victor in tonight’s third and final Presidential Debate.

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Hillary Clinton wasn’t able to answer any of the Clinton Foundation or email scandal questions posed to her and was on defense the entire time.

Here are the best moments from the debate:

Hillary’s Emails: Four Star General Pleads Guilty; Clinton Runs for President

“Why don’t you give back the money?”

Clinton Forced to Defend Clinton Foundation “Pay to Play”

4. Hillary Clinton Wants Amnesty

“That was a nice pivot from the fact that she wants Open Borders”

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