MUST SEE: Donald Trump Speaks Truth on Iraq that No Other Candidate Would Dare Utter [VIDEO]

If you want to understand why the establishment hates him, watch as Donald Trump speaks truth to power!

It is amazing progress that Fox News uploaded this clip in which Donald Trump speaks truth in North Carolina.

This is a case where Donald Trump speaks truth that no other candidate would dare offer, and wins over voters because of it. It has been a constant theme throughout his campaign. I previously wrote about a report that Donald Trump was the most popular candidate with our troops, and explained:

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Donald Trump attacked Jeb Bush on national television claiming his brother was wrong to lead an invasion of Iraq and lied to get the country to acquiesce to it. Amazingly, at least according to the conventional wisdom, he then was swept to Republican victory by South Carolina voters. This Military Times survey shows a similar trend. It seems our military don’t care to be used in massive overseas operations that don’t make the homeland any safer. So the tend to like Trump but not favor Marco Rubio.

Notice that Donald Trump was booed by the Republican select audience at the South Carolina debate but was given overwhelming victory by South Carolina voters.

By calling Iraq “Harvard for terrorists” Trump is raising the question of why we spent so much money, and sacrificed so many lives, to create such a terrorist university. This is a highly relevant criticism because Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton pursued the same policy. Moammar Gadhafi was a very bad man who killed al Qaeda terrorists. They bombed him for it and got him killed. Now the Washington Post pretends that the results are “surprising.”

CIA chieftains were caught off guard by the spiraling Islamic violence in postwar Libya, suddenly realizing that analysts had never brainstormed what the country would look like and that the White House had not asked.

The agency also acknowledged in a classified report that Moammar Gadhafi, Libya’s U.S.-deposed dictator, had long suppressed a variety of radical Islamic groups, including al Qaeda, from taking root in his country and endangering North Africa.

Today, absent Gadhafi’s iron fist since October 2011, Libya is in a civil war and has become a coveted destination for Islamic extremists, including the Islamic State in and around Benghazi. Based in Syria and Iraq, the Islamic State boasts its largest franchise in Libya, where it wants to destabilize a fledgling democratic government in the capital of Tripoli and export terrorism. President Obama, who approved the intervention, has called Libya a “mess.”

The White House never needed to ask what the country would look like because they already knew. We knowingly created a terrorist haven and ISIS opportunity.

Obama and Clinton have done the same thing in Syria. Bashar al-Assad is not a good man but he defends all varieties of Muslims and Christians from jihadists. America has responded by calling for Islamic terrorists (called “freedom fighters” to lie to the American people) to overthrow him. In this way the U.S. government ultimately created ISIS.

These regime changes are insane. This Bush-Obama-Clinton policy is why we need Donald Trump.

It is time for our own regime change.

Postscript: The media is now using this statement about Iraq as a reason to attack Trump for “praising” Saddam Hussein. If you are tempted by this subterfuge, please watch the video below:

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