Must See: Donald Trump Is Anti-War! What Does That Tell Us about the American People?

It may seem preposterous to think that Donald Trump is anti-war. After all, doesn’t he want a strong military?

Unquestionably he does, but he seems to want to be careful how he uses that military force. Here he is on CBS This Morning.

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This is excellent. At the very least one must admit that when Donald Trump is asked questions by two Death Star propagandists he sounds reasonable.

While I miss Rand Paul’s influence on the GOP candidates, Trump’s statements are at least as incisive as anything Paul said about Russia and Syria.

And Trump is not the only one. Here is Ted Cruz answering questions on foreign policy (begins 19:15).

Frankly, even though I prefer Ted Cruz as a candidate, I found his answer too jingoistic on Russia and Jihadists. Maybe you disagree.

But still his answer is far different from the typical GOP/Neocon mantras. Saying Iraq was a mistake and that we have no business determining who rules Syria are positions that put him near Trump’s position (or vice versa).

So what does it tell us that these two candidates (1) are both anti-war, (2) are the two national GOP front runners, and (3) are actively opposed by the Republican establishment?

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