Must See: Comedian Steven Crowder Dresses in Drag and Crashes the Women’s March

This is certainly some “Must See” TV. Comedian and conservative pundit Steven Crowder recently crashed the “Women’s March” in Austin, Texas to see if he could learn anything new from the supposedly liberal feminists who spent the day protesting life in modern America. Crowder seemed to have quite a bit of fun as he paraded about the parade dressed as his alter-ego Stephanie and even got a chance to interview former liberal icon Wendy Davis.

When asked about what he had learned Crowder opined, “Mainly that sexual objectification is bad unless women do it, t**s are fun, bras do legitimately suck, Not Gay Jared is a surprisingly good kisser, and Donald Trump wants to infringe upon women’s rights but were not exactly sure which rights, something, something, something, p***y.” 🇺🇸

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