Muslim Migrants to Germans: Sexual Assaults Are Your Fault / Sarah Avayou

MuslimStern, a “Muslim pressure group,” has a message for German leaders. Ban alcohol, it will reduce the number of widespread sexual assaults being committed against native German women by migrant Muslim men.

“The government should ban the consumption of alcohol because it leads to traffic accidents, violence and rapes, and is extremely damaging to health. But for capitalist societies, this is too much to expect. So long as alcohol is not prohibited there will be no discernible decline in these cases.”

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The original German was first translated by The Daily Mail about coordinated sexual assaults occurring in Cologne. Not to mention public defecation by Muslim men at a German public swimming pool.

The group also suggested that German women wear proper clothing. The rape victims’ lack of proper attire was irresistible to Muslim males because they just can’t help themselves; you can’t “chuck a naked antelope in front of a lion and not expect it to react.”

This is an appropriate metaphor for the Muslim migrant men– because they do act like wild animals.

This also implies a rather low view of the average German male. Despite the provocations of legal alcohol and immodestly dressed women, Germany has not had a widespread problem of gangs of native German men committing sexual assaults.


Both Germany, and America, and many other Western countries, have enough crime already without having to import it from Islamic countries. By importing “refugees” indiscriminately, the governments of these countries are making their citizens less safe, while also raising their taxes and putting them in debt, and requiring a need for a larger, more intrusive police force.

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