A Muslim Slaughters Homosexuals… So Let’s Condemn Christians? [VIDEO]

For the President and many other pansexual nihilists, when a Muslim slaughters homosexuals, it is an opportunity to blame Jesus.

When a Muslim slaughters homosexuals, rational people would blame “radicalized Islam” or “Muslim extremism.” President Obama chose not to mention Islam but to blame “hate.”

“Hate” is a code word for Christianity.

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Instead of focusing on a religion that, at least to many followers, blesses acts of violence and murder against any who oppose its moral code, politicians and the media focus on the content of the moral code as if that is responsible for the violence. Islam, Judaism, and Christianity all forbid homosexual activity. Jesus said that a person must remain celibate outside of marriage (which he declared a heterosexual institution).

Our current President and many others want to banish that traditional religious tenet from the world. So when a jihadist Muslim slaughters homosexuals, “hate” focuses on the prohibition of homosexual conduct shared by several religions.

Thus we get people declaring, in the wake of a homicidal attack, that anyone who believes that homosexuality is wrong, is part of the problem. Consider this Facebook comment (CONTENT WARNING):

RE: Orlando shooting

I try to keep the tone of my FB page pretty light, so I don’t usually speak out during tragic events like this. But I woke this morning to hear the awful news, and I am just as upset about all this as I imagine you are. While the shooting in Orlando isn’t about me or even about us, and we unfortunately can’t reverse time and stop the tragedy from happening – there is a stance on this issue we can all overtly take. I found an old Facebook status back from 5 years ago that sums up how I feel about all this. While I can’t recall who or what I was directly responding to, I think my message was on point and I feel the same way now as I did back then. That is: “If you are a bigot, if you hold unjust prejudices against others, there is no place in my life for you.” Guys, I hope you hold those around you to the same standard. We are all human. We are all 99.9% the same. Anyone who tells you otherwise is an asshole – and it’s time to start holding these assholes accountable.

fb image

In other words, hold Christians “accountable” for the actions of an Islamic terrorists.

Christians also hold that using pornography is wrong. Does that mean they are responsible for any violence against porn?

It is common to see stories about a jealous spouse committing violence against the cheating wife or husband. Are Christians “accountable” for all these crimes because they believe adultery is a sin?

Christians are commanded by Jesus to be tolerant and peaceable. Radicalized Muslims have no such constraint on their behavior. But violence committed by Islam is a chance for leftists to frame Christians for the crime and eventually punish them for it.

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