Muslim Rioters Destroy Christian Cemetery in Greece, Murder 15 in Somalia!

As the constant whine of “Islamophobia” continues to drone on here in the USA, it’s their violence that can be heard the loudest in the rest of the world.

Earlier this week we told you of the continued slaughter of Christians in Nigeria. “In a report from Morning Star News we learned of two separate November attacks that saw some 50 Christian men, women (including pregnant women), and children slaughtered” by violent Muslim extremists. Sadly, the Muslim violence has not been tethered solely to Nigeria.

Earlier this week in Somalia, the Muslim terrorists of al Shabaab murdered at least 15 innocent Somalians after their village refused to pay a “tax” to the terrorists.

“Al Shabaab ordered us to pay dozens of animals for zakat (Islamic tax) and we rejected this – that is how the fighting started. We killed 10 militants on the first day,” local elder Nur Abdullahi told Reuters.

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So al Shabaab came from every region and fiercely attacked us in five villages. They beheaded eight elders and shot dead seven others on Monday and Tuesday.”

“They cut off the phones. We ran out of bullets, food and water. We have fled into the jungle and neither [forces from] Galmudug nor the federal government is helping us.

“[The terrorists] took our borehole machine, a herd of camel and burnt two of our villages,” he said…

Shabaab also burnt two villages and thousands of families fled…”

 Also this week in Greece, where Muslim refugees have been taken in by the merciful Greek people, violence broke out when a group of unhappy Muslim interlopers rioted and vandalized a Christian cemetery.

Yesterday, riots took place on Moria asylum centre in Lesbos.

The immigrants marched on the streets demanding the acceleration of the of the asylum process.

During that time some unknown vandals walked in the cemetery of the village and caused damage like the breaking of crosses, the tipping over of other religious symbols and flower pots.

Ten days ago asylum seekers from Chios island this time were targeting civilian houses with the fireworks they robbed from a local shop before they set on fire their own camp.

The situation is tense in every overcrowded asylum seekers camp as the locals are now alarmed by the continuous examples of disrespectful behaviour of the asylum seekers towards them and riots are increasingly possible in the near future.

This isn’t the first time that the Muslim visitors at this encampment have rioted. Back in October we told you about the destruction these same “refugees” carried out in their camp.

A group of about 70 Muslim refugees, mostly from Bangladesh and Pakistan, carried out an orgy of violence against the very people who had given them refuge…

A spokesman for the European Asylum Support Office (EASO) told Reuters that the protesters attacked and burned their offices on the island…

It seems that everyday brings a new report of Muslim violence against the non-Muslim world.

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