Muslim Refugees RIOT over having to Wait in Long Lines!

Can you see the gratitude?

A group of about 70 Muslim refugees, mostly from Bangladesh and Pakistan, carried out an orgy of violence against the very people who had given them refuge. The refugees had been living in a temporary camp on the isle of Lesbos in Greece when they decided to show their benefactors how frustrated they had become with the wait times at the facility.

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A spokesman for the European Asylum Support Office (EASO) told Reuters that the protesters attacked and burned their offices on the island, and that correspondingly the group would not be able to resume activities there for some time. Concerns about security and the safety of their workers (not to mention local citizens and the refugees themselves) means that the camps will not be able to assist refugees for the foreseeable future.

The refugees attacked the offices, threw gasoline-filled firebombs into the buildings and used burning blankets to do as much damage as possible. The offices and at least four shipping containers were destroyed in the attack.

This means that the camp, home to some 6,000 mostly Muslim refugees, will now have even longer lines and wait times than before. Once again the acts of violence and terror associated with Islam have caused more harm than good. This latest spasm of violence should be instructive to all of Europe, and the world. While most of the Muslim refugees may indeed be peaceful, just a small number (70 in this case) can wreak havoc because the rest do nothing to quell them.

Make no mistake — situations like this one, where the violence was an outgrowth of inconvenience, will become routine if the world continues to allow the tremendous outflow of refugees from the Muslim world into the West. Consider that these people fled war and danger for the relative safety of a peaceful Greek community where their clothing, food, and shelter were provided for them free of charge… and yet, it was not enough. They rioted over being forced to wait in lines… how much hotter will their anger burn when the nations they flee to tell them that they cannot live by Sharia law? Or when they are told that they cannot marry more than one wife? When they are forbidden from killing their daughters over perceived attacks on their “honor”?

This can, and likely was, just a small taste of the true horrors that Islam has in store for Western Civilization. Sadly, our leaders don’t seem to be paying attention to the warning signs.

Onan Coca

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