Muslim “Rape Gangs” Now a Thing in Western Countries Too!

Thanks to the European socialists’ passion for all things multicultural and politically correct, Europe is now on the brink of complete collapse, and the Americas may not be too far behind them. The suicidal refugee policies that have been embraced by the leftists across the pond have coincided with spikes in sexual assault, rape, murder, and every other category of crime imaginable. Entire sections of ancient European cities have become inhospitable to their former inhabitants as refugee communities have formed close knit, xenophobic bonds that have shut out non-Muslims altogether.

The most recent example of the horror film that Europe has become comes to us from Britain, where police have finally captured a roving band of sexual deviants.

The UK’s the Sun reports that eight men, four of them from one family, have finally been convicted on 19 different counts including rape, and false imprisonment. The Sun attempts to obfuscate the issue by calling the group an “Asian sex gang” (which is accurate), but the more compelling connection is that all eight of the men are part of Rotterham’s Muslim community.

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The victims were as young as 13 when the abuse began, and while at least one had made complaints to the police, nothing happened for more than a decade.

Prosecutor Michelle Colborne QC said the victims were “targeted, sexualised and in some instances subjected to attacks of a degrading and violent nature at the hands of these men”.

She said: “These were local girls – some had perfectly normal lives but were lured by the excitement and friendship of older Asian males.”

The ringleader, a man named Sageer Hussain, is an avowed racist who told his victims that “All white girls are good for is sex and they are just slags!” (Slag is a British pejorative meaning “loose women.”)

The trial showed that the men first developed relationships with the young girls by buying them cigarettes and alcohol before telling the girls they “owed” them. Then the men used threats of violence against the girls and their families to keep the girls both quiet and compliant.

The trial heard Hussain used the main complainant for “his own gratification and passed her to friends, older brothers and associates”.

Hussain’s cousins Mohammed Whied and Asif Ali, as well as his older brother Basharat Hussain, were also involved in the gang’s abuse of the girl…

Ms Colborne said the girl live a “life of deceit and fear” after being lured into it by the gang.

She said: “They told her she owed them something because they had given her cigarettes, alcohol and cannabis.

“As time moved on, the threats became nasty in nature. They threatened to gang-rape her mother and they made it clear they were serious.”

Ms Colborne said on one occasion, two of the defendants – Masoued Malik and Naeem Rafiq – took the girl to the flat of a man described by the girl as a ‘Kosovan refugee’ called Zalgai Ahmadi where she was forced to perform sex acts on a number of men.

This is just the latest in the almost constant stream of disgusting Muslim sexual crime that is being reported out of Europe these days. England has suffered more than its fair share of these types of stories in recent years, the most ghastly being the uncovering of a massive web of interconnected child sex abuse cases in the city of Rotterham (where these men were also from). 

Some 1400 children have been sexually abused, tortured and trafficked over the last 16 years, all while the authorities simply turned a blind eye to the problem.

Why did the police, social services and local government all ignore the horrors that were happening right under their noses, even as the children and families complained about the crimes?

Because… the liberals who lead Rotherham were “worried” about being called racists or “destabilizing” the local community.

It seems that Rotterham, the UK, and all of Europe are still stuck in the stupefying grip of politically correct motivated fear. Hopefully, the USA can learn from our friends in Europe before we make the same mistakes they have. 🇺🇸

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