Muslim Rally in NYC: “US #1 Terrorist” & “Israel Go to Hell”

In liberal America today:

“Merry Christmas” and “defend Western values” is hate speech…

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But “US #1 Terrorist!” and “Zionists worked with Hitler” is completely normal and acceptable political speech.

No joke.

At a rally held in Times Square, N.Y., to mark International Quds Day, activists chanted anti-U.S. and anti-Israel slogans. One activist shouted that “the Zionist state has been helping ISIS since its creation” and that ISIS stood for “Israeli Secret Intelligence Service.” He further said that Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi was a Mossad agent and that the Zionists had assassinated John F. Kennedy because he opposed Israel’s obtaining nuclear weapons. Nerdeen Kiswani of the NYC Students for Justice in Palestine led chants of “We don’t want two states, we want ’48!” and “U.S. imperialist, number one terrorist!” and Joe Catron of the Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network shouted: “Intifada, revolution!” and “Israel, go to Hell!” American-Filipino activist Mike Legaspi, of the “Bayan USA” alliance of Filipino organizations, accused the U.S. of “bombing the crap out of the Middle East” and demanded that “U.S. imperialism stop funding Israel.” Quds Day is an annual Iranian-led event, declared by Ayatollah Khomeini in 1979 and held on the last Friday of the month of Ramadhan.

More hate from MEMRI’s transcript:

“There was an agreement between Hitler and the Zionist movement in 1934. It is called the Hasbara [sic] Agreement. The Zionist movement was the only movement that cooperated with Hitler in order to get the Jews out of Europe into Palestine. The Jews who wanted to go to Palestine were spared, but the Jews who didn’t want to go to Palestine – the true Jews – were killed and butchered. Ask the other side about the Hasbara Agreement. Ask them! Do they know anything? No. Why? Because the media puts it under the blanket. In addition, I would like to add this. ISIS – how did ISIS come to be? Israel, the state, the Zionist state, has been helping ISIS since its creation. They have been helping terrorists in Syria, killing Syrians, killing Iraqis, killing Palestinians. These people don’t just want Palestine – they want from the Nile River to the Euphrates River. They are like Hitler. They are like Nazis, the Zionist movement. I call on Donald Trump supporters, please. Do your research about the USS Liberty – the American soldiers that were killed, our troops, our troops who were killed. Let’s talk about John F. Kennedy. Why was John F. Kennedy assassinated? Because he wanted to stop Israel from getting nuclear weapons. They killed JFK so that they could get nuclear weapons.


“The Torah, the holy book of Judaism, has been hijacked by the Zionist Nazi terrorists, just like the Quran has been hijacked by ISIS. Just like the Quran has been hijacked by ISIS, the Zionists have hijacked Judaism. They have hijacked it. They have made it look like terrorism. These people… Ask them, ask them about the verses in the Torah where it says to kick out the Palestinians and take all their land. They can’t find it.


“Israel is not a democracy. It is a supremacist Jewish… I’m sorry, Naz… Zionist state.


“You will find that ISIS stands for Israeli Secret Intelligence Service. And guess what? You know who supports it? Surprisingly, Israel – not surprisingly, actually… Israel, the West, its governments and army. In addition, ISIS was found using Israeli… I repeat, not Arab – Israeli weapons. Israeli weapons! How did they get these Israeli weapons? Did they fall from the sky? Did they come from God? Where did they come from? God knows, man. They came from the Zionist Nazi terrorists. That is where it came from. Zionist Nazi terrorists. Let’s talk about Abu [Bakr] Al-Baghdadi for a second. Who is this Abu [Bakr] Al-Baghdadi guy? Is he Muslim? Is he Saudi? Is he Jordanian? Maybe Syrian, maybe Iranian, maybe Afghan, maybe Paki… No, he is Israeli. He is Israeli. They found evidence that the head of ISIS was funded by Israel and he is a Mossad agent. Can you believe that? I’m not surprised, personally.”

While those of us who refuse to use ridiculous and false gender pronouns are hatemongers and bigots, the left cheers on as their Muslim allies call anyone who speaks truth about terrorism “Islamophobic.”

Today’s modern leftist culture is a kingdom built upon lies and slander and when it collapses it may crush us all.

“Truth is treason in the empire of lies.”  — Ron Paul


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