Muslim Professor Arrested after Filing False Report of Hate Crimes

Apparently the new “in thing” for liberals to do is to file false police reports arguing that they’ve been the victims of “hate crimes.”

Seriously, it keeps happening over and over again

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The latest example of the lies liberals tell, comes to us from an Indiana State University professor who claimed to be the victim of a campaign of hatred.

Azhar Hussain, 56, was the assistant professor of aviation technology at ISU, but has now lost his job and faces a felony charge of obstruction of justice and a misdemeanor charge of harassment.

He’s been suspended from his teaching duties and had previously been informed that the college would not be bringing him back as a professor.

From Terra Haute’s Tribune Star:

The charges stem from a series of emails that were received on campus containing anti-Muslim messages and threats of potential violence against members of the Muslim community, according to the university.

The first report of the emails occurred on March 8. The messages specifically mentioned Hussain as a target.

On March 24, Hussain reported an assault in the College of Technology in which he said he was attacked from behind as he was entering his office early that morning. He told police he was thrown to the floor.

He said he had not seen his attacker, and no words were spoken. ISU Police at the time said four people in the vicinity were unable to corroborate his story, saying they’d seen no suspicious activity or people.

Police believe that Hussain was tyring to curry sympathy from the school because he had been told that he would not be brought back the following school year. ISU’s chief of police, Joseph Newport told the local media that, “Based upon the investigation, it is our belief that Hussain was trying to gain sympathy by becoming a victim of anti-Muslim threats, which he had created himself. It is extremely unfortunate that this situation caused undue concern on other members of the ISU community,” said Newport, who also noted campus crime alerts had been sent out following the first email and the alleged attack.”

While in this case it doesn’t seem that the Professor had any political motivation to claiming that he’d been the victim of a hate crime, it does continue the recent tendency of using overblown fears of racism and xenophobia as a means of attempting to win favor with a sympathetic media. Once again, however, the lying has backfired and the truth has been made known. While there is no epidemic of “hate crimes,” there is most certainly a trend of fake hate crimes.

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