London election Muslim mayor

Muslim Set to Take Over This Major City

London swings like a pendulum do, to paraphrase the old song. Unfortunately, it is about to swing so far out that it is poised to elect its first Muslim mayor. Londoners went to the polls Thursday, and the results of the mayoral race will be announced at 5 p.m. London time (9 a.m. Pacific, noon Eastern) today.

Update: Sadiq Khan has won the mayoral race, election officials announced today.

Labour Party lawmaker Sadiq Khan is facing off against Conservative Zac Goldsmith. Most prognosticators have Khan projected to win.

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Khan has inspired accusations of extremism and anti-Semitism, not just because of his Islamic beliefs but because he has been connected in the media with several Islamists.

Prime Minister David Cameron got in a public spat with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, during which Cameron accused Khan of sharing “a platform with an extremist who called for Jews to drown in the ocean.”

Nonetheless, leading into the vote, Khan was polling between 12 and 14 points ahead of his nearest opponent, Goldsmith, largely because modern London is hardly recognizable as British these days, with some areas of the city being more than 50 percent Muslim.

London has always been, and continues to be, a key player in European and global politics. A major European capital coming under the control of a Muslim empowered by the socialist Labour Party could have far-reaching impacts.

Perhaps even more importantly, it would be a symbolic victory for anti-Western Islamist forces over the previously Judeo-Christian West, and would no doubt embolden the worst terrorist elements of Islam.

Islam has tried for more than 1400 years to conquer Europe. All previous attempts were ultimately driven back by Christian leaders who understood what was at stake.

Under the influence of today’s leftist, politically correct, so-open-minded-their-brains-have-fallen-out crowd, Islam is making steady inroads.

It’s not just London, or even Britain, that is at stake.

All of Europe is under what is effectively an invasion. Wave upon wave of supposed “refugees” have flooded various European countries.

But when they come, it’s apparent that they are not truly refugees, often refusing food and water, making demands about how they should be treated and in turn breaking laws and bringing fear to the communities that have taken them in and offered them shelter.

The dearth of women and children, and the abundance of young, single, angry men marks these supposed refugee waves as what they are — a stealth incursion force.

Although the invasion has been stepped up recently, it’s been going on slowly for years, and countries like France and Belgium have felt the results in the form of terrorist massacres.

Britain itself has seen its fair share of Islamic violence, such as the public murder and near-beheading of a British soldier in the streets of London itself in 2013.


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