Muslim Influx in Sweden Has Feminists Running For The Hills


As the Syrian refugee crisis continues to impact the globe, locales in countries such as Germany and Sweden are witnessing an enormous shift in their country’s religious makeup.

With disastrous open border policies to blame for the forced integration, many in these European sanctuary nations are learning just how incompatible strict Muslism practices can be with democratic freedom.  Given that Sharia law is favored, and respected, by Muslim immigrants over the laws of their host nations, keeping the peace in these newly repopulated areas has become a very real concern.

Now, feminists in Sweden are feeling the effects of the Islamic treatment of women, and it has sent them packing.

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“As refugees from Islamic countries pour into Sweden, feminists there have had enough and are fleeing suburbs after a slew of rapes and sexual assaults.

“Famed feminist Nalin Pekgul, who called attention to the rising insecurity of women in the suburbs, says she now avoids the center of town in Tensta, where she had lived for 30 years. And the former Left Party official Zeliha Dagli has moved from Husby to the inner city.

“Pekgul says she no longer feels safe in her home town, adding that Muslim fundamentalists now have full control of the center. She says ‘religious fundamentalists gained increasing space in the area and the place of women in the public sphere diminished,’ according to SVT, a television station in Sweden. Pekgul had sought to raise the issue by holding coffee shop meetings, but she’s been forced to give those up.

“‘It is clear that people have been incredibly aggressive towards me when I joined the center. Especially the last year, I ducked to sit at the restaurant that I used to sit on after several people have been on me really angry because I told you about these things,’ SVT reports.”

While the freedom to practice your religion is an important tenet of a liberty-based society, that religion must not cause non-followers the feelings of oppression and fear that devout Muslim devotees are causing.  This is no longer a matter of freedom from oppression as it is the imposing of your culture on another.  In all reality, and this idea will make liberals’ heads explode, what Muslims in Europe are doing is installing a sense of religious xenophobia wherever they resettle.

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