Could Muslim Immigration Help Gun Sales in the US?

Surprisingly, I have to admit that there is one positive aspect about gun control.

I want to say up front that I’m against any and all forms of gun control. I firmly believe that any form of gun control is a direct violation of the Second Amendment.

Having to apply for a permit to buy or own a gun is a violation of the Second Amendment.

Having to submit to a background check is a violation of the Second Amendment.

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Being restricted as to what kind of gun you can buy or own is a violation of the Second Amendment.

Being restricted as to how much ammunition you can purchase or how large your ammo clip or magazine might be, is a violation of the Second Amendment.

So how can I claim that gun control can have a positive side?

Perhaps I should clarify and say that the threat of gun control can have a very positive aspect – gun sales.

It’s been previously reported that under 8 years of Barack Obama’s gun control pushing administration, gun sales and background checks set annual records.

In October 2016, the FBI reported 2,333,539 gun-related background checks processed through the National Instant Criminal Background Check System. That figure is an increase of over 350,000 background checks for October 2015.

From January 1, 2016 through the end of October 2016, the FBI reported a total of 22,206,233 NICS background checks. In just ten months, 2016 background checks are higher than any other year in history, except all of 2015. However, at the current pace, 2016 is expected to surpass the record number of background checks conducted in all of 2015.

In 2015, there were a record setting total of 23,141,970 NICS background checks. By the end of November 2016, the number of background checks for the year reached 24,767,514, surpassing last year’s record by over one and half million background checks. And this record was set in only 11 months.

Perhaps one of the best examples of the positive effects of gun control is California, one of the most liberal and anti-gun run states in the entire nation. For the first time ever, gun sales in California topped 1 million.

According to a recent report:

“California gun sales rose 50 percent in 2016 as residents rushed to buy the ‘bullet-button’ rifles before they were labeled illegal assault weapons under the Jan. 1 ban. Gun dealers processed 1,331,322 gun sales last year, up by 450,000 from 2015. That’s the equivalent of one gun sold for every 30 California residents.”

“Last year marked the first time that more than 1 million guns were sold in California in a single year. Long gun sales accounted for the bulk of the rise: Sales doubled from 2015 to almost 760,000. And handgun sales continued what has been a nearly unbroken rise over the decade. Sales rose 18 percent from 2015, to about 573,000.”

Some gun dealers and manufacturers are concerned about the Trump effect, meaning Trump’s pro-gun stance could result in a decrease in gun sales. However, if President Trump is not able to legally stop the influx of Muslims into the US, it could be just the ticket to counter the Trump effect.

About twenty years ago, Australia passed weeping gun control laws, forcing residents of the Land Down Under, to turn in over 600,000 firearms. Gun ownership is taking on a whole new aspect as the number of Muslims immigrating to Australia have been rapidly increasing. Reports indicate that as a direct result of the increase in Muslim immigration, gun sales have quadrupled as Australian citizens have found a new need to arm themselves.

It’s quite possible that a continued increase in Muslim immigration here in the US could offset the Trump effect and cause gun sales to rise instead of decrease.

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