Muslim Election Fraud Uncovered! (VIDEO)

According to a new report, the authorities won’t stop Muslim election fraud because of political correctness.

The Muslim election fraud is taking place in minority communities in Britain, but there’s no reason to assume that it is not happening in the U.S.

Sky News reports,

In a hard-hitting report, Sir Eric Pickles says there is evidence of pressure being put on vulnerable members of some ethnic minority communities in elections.

He says women and young people in particular have been urged to vote according to the will of elders, especially in communities of Pakistani and Bangladeshi backgrounds.

Presenting an action plan to the new Prime Minister Theresa May on electoral fraud, he attacks the failures of town halls, police and election watchdogs to detect, prevent and prosecute election fraud.

And the former Tory chairman Communities and Local Government Secretary claims it is politically correct sensibilities that have led to the state turning a blind eye to corruption in town halls.

The report was commissioned by David Cameron following a Tower Hamlets election court case last year, which saw the disqualification of the elected mayor for a litany of corrupt and illegal practices.

Interestingly, one of his recommendations is requiring identification in order to vote, something that Liberals and the media (excuse the redundancy) equate with racism and voter suppression.

Who is to say that this won’t happen in the U.S.? The media certainly wouldn’t cover it. Many politicians and judges (what judges aren’t politicians?) would look the other way.

Who is to say that this isn’t already happening in the U.S.?

In the U.K. and the nations of Europe, immigrant communities are so cohesive that they are essentially governments unto themselves.

What Laura Southern observed in Germany is true in many places.

Sovereign nations stop being sovereign when they allow other people to form sovereign nations within their borders.

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