Muscovite Prostitute Dossier STILL Unverifiable After Senate Testimony

The left’s persistence regarding their wild Russian conspiracy theory is fading quickly after each and every piece of their pathetic puzzle falls away.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has been toiling away for weeks on an investigation supposedly linked to the Trump campaign’s connection to the Kremlin, based solely on the wildly illogical liberal theory that The Donald is a Russian double agent who became President of the United States.  In reality, Mueller’s probe has undergone seemingly endless redirections, with concerns coming from the administration about the legitimacy of the entire debacle.  Mueller has been granted access to a number of personal pieces of information regarding Donald Trump, none of which fall into line with the Russian theory, possibly in hopes of gaining other ammunition against the Commander in Chief for when the left finally throws in the towel on this Kremlin nonsense.

One of the most ridiculous bits of malarky brought forward by the left regarding Trump’s supposed ties to the Russian government came in the form of an unverified dossier of unnamed sources that describes Russia’s blackmailing of Trump.  While the contents of the dossier are not quite fit for publication on our site, let’s just say there were some splashy headlines generated by the memo regarding the President and his alleged penchant for lewd and unsanitary acts with prostitutes from Moscow.

This absurd and slanderous dossier made headlines on CNN and Buzzfeed, even though both outlets understood that the contents were unverifiable, severely tarnishing any ethical claim that either have to the field of journalism.

In order to get to the bottom of the memo, Congress had subpoenaed Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson whose firm was responsible in some way for the document.

Simpson declined to reveal the dossier’s commissioners, once again invalidating the entire debacle.

“In a marathon interview with the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, the co-founder of Fusion GPS, the opposition research firm behind the uncorroborated anti-Trump dossier, refused to identify the political clients that commissioned the salacious document.

“Fusion GPS also stands behind the dossier, a lawyer for the firm said at the end of a 10-hour interview given by co-founder Glenn Simpson.

“’Mr. Simpson told Congress the truth and cleared the record on many matters of interest to congressional investigators. He also kept the identities of Fusion GPS’ clients confidential,’ Josh Levy, Simpson’s attorney, told The Daily Caller in a statement.

“Simpson appeared for the interview after weeks of negotiations between his attorneys and the committee, which is one of three congressional panels investigation potential collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian government.

“Fusion GPS’ dossier, which was compiled by former British spy Christopher Steele, has been a key component in the investigations. The FBI has reportedly relied on it to form the basis of its collusion investigation, which is now being overseen by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.”

While Donald Trump is constantly attacked by the left for claiming that the mainstream media is “fake news”, this particularly salacious piece of derogatory fiction is somehow allowed to spread.

Once again, we have evidence of a massive campaign to delegitimize the leader of the free world and the Commander in Chief of the most powerful military the world has ever known.  The sheer insanity of this sustained attack on the President has created an ultimately dangerous situation in which the radical left no longer respects the office, and certainly doesn’t respect the man that America chose to lead.

Now, understanding that the entire Russian prostitute story is a farce, perhaps we can return this nation to some form of decorum.

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