Murder in the name of Islam has EVERYTHING to do with Islam

In a span of less than 6 hours, the world was confronted with the three following news headlines,

  1. Ambassador to Russia is assassinated in Turkey by a man who subsequently shouts “Allahu Akbar”.
  2. A terrorist drove a truck into a crowded Berlin Christmas market causing multiple casualties.
  3. Suspect arrested for plotting to blow up a tourist bus in the name of ISIS.

Story streams like this have become a normal to the point where if we had just three months of peace it would only result in a heightened sense of anxiety, as if the next shoe was due to drop at any moment. And yet, despite seeing with our own two eyes the spread of violence in the name of Islam, we’re told Islam itself has nothing to do with it. It’s insulting to our intelligence.

Radical Islam is terrorizing the world and we treat it like it’s an unfortunate nuisance that cannot be prevented, which is a total lie. It can be stopped, and it must. I’m tired of these idiots in power telling us ‘this has nothing to do with Islam’ or ‘not to rush to judgement‘ because we’ll just incite Islamophobia, or worse yet, to ‘consider how we Westerners bring this violence upon ourselves’.

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Screw that and screw them. Radical jihadists are, objectively, a major problem because they’re currently murdering people by the thousands. No other religion in the world has this problem. Not one. There are no Hindu terror cells waging a holy war in any corner of the world. There are no radical Jewish cells blowing themselves up in Mosques and churches. There are no radical Christian groups raising armies and taking over countries. Only Islam is doing that, and it’s time that we declared with the full force of American resolve that anyone who wages jihad will receive a bullet or a well placed bomb. Period.

Things cannot continue as they are for much longer without reaching a serious tipping point. Syria and Iraq are in a constant state of war. Christians are being murdered in what would be called genocide if our leaders had backbones. Those who practice Islam peacefully in the Middle East are being exterminated for not supporting jihad or following strict Sharia Law. Europe is experiencing unprecedented surges in violence as a result of importing thousands of Muslim refugees from Syria. The largest state sponsor of radical Islam in the world, Iran, is building up it’s nuclear program and taunting American military vessels. Turkey is becoming more radical and dictatorial by the day in the name of Islam. Every couple of months, at least, the world lays witness to yet another terrorist attack in the name of Islam.

It has to end and it has to end now. If Americans don’t get serious and demand – not just action – but the truth from our leaders regarding this rising infestation of radical Islamic terrorists, then many more will die.

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