The Munich Massacre and Ghosts of Our Past



I remember the Palestinians murdering the Jewish athletes at the Munich Olympics.

Do Muslims love murder?

I was in Munich in ’72.

Do they fornicate with death?


Is Munich a target for twisted readers of the Koran?

Do they pray five times a day for our deaths or

The deaths of children at the Olympia Mall.


Ali Sonboly, shooting children at McDonald’s.

Who shoots children?

A deranged religious gunman.

Death  with the devil’s horns.


I don’t believe in the devil.

But he believes in us.

A pitchfork hiding from a hand.


The German’s borrow a page from Obama

And cover-up.


They pretend that the killer, Ali David Sonboly,

Is an Iranian not a Syrian Islamist who is Pro Turkey.


So many Syrians invited by Merkel to rape their women.

And to kill their children.


German’s hide that Sonboly is a refugee Muslim.

Don’t want to take shame or blame.

That way they can avoid a commitment to necessary vengeance.


Ali loved Erdogan,

The beast that roamed like a Sphinx away from the influence of Ataturk.


The Obama types say Sonboly was Iranian.

So why is Ali sitting under a Turkish flag?


He was being watched by Interpol.

Where were they when he shot the Big Macs in the children’s hands?

The ketchup of children’s blood turns my heart to red pickles.

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