A Mule vs. a Jackass

Eighteen months ago Millie Mule (with a baked-in 40-vote electoral lead) squared off against Joe Jackass in a long-distance mud race with the fate of millions of GenX sheep hanging in the balance. As the two flawed contestants approach the finish line, Millie Mule leads a charging Joe Jackass by a nose.

Every now and then a new “expert” reports the Mule has opened up an insurmountable lead and the race is ‘in the bag’ only to later admit that it’s “suddenly” close.

Actually, no living American has ever before witnessed a race between a mule and a jackass. The usual Democrat-leaning electoral map is a jumble of inconsistency. Normally deep blue Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, and Maine are toss-ups. Pretty much everything between the Sierra-Nevada and the Blue Ridge Mountains is Red. Everything outside is Blue.

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The 20 states represented by the fruits and nuts on the west coast, the Unions, old money, and D.C. lobbyists along the eastern seaboard and the Democrat fraud-machine from Chicago northward are Mule country. The 30 states in traditional “fly-over country” (excluding the People’s Republic of Boulder & New “Mexico”) are Jackass stalwarts.

Anyone who thinks this race is a lock is delusional. NOBODY has a clue what happens tomorrow. It could bring anything between a Clinton Rout, and a Trump landslide. Millie Mule will win or lose if Pennsylvania and Green Bay are called early. Joe Jackass will either win or lose if Florida and Atlanta are called early. If they’re too close to call early, expect a long night for both.

These isolated pockets of “race fans” will determine how may voters are too embarrassed to vote for their favored party’s flawed Equine. And, perhaps most frightening of all, they will also determine whether the eight or nine unelected political hacks on the Supreme Court will continue to unilaterally make new law or whether our constitution and the rule of law will guide us into a new and brighter America.

Either way, conservatives will be angered as in-your-face-government will likely expand, the news media will drift further toward Socialism, and the Supreme Court will unearth even more hidden “rights” that supersede those actually enumerated.

Either way, Liberals will b**ch and demand the government provide them with even more free stuff, insist that everyone has the right to a living wage – regardless of whether or not they EARN it, to marry their sibling, pet goat, or parent, and be protected from precisely THIS kind of free speech.

So… order a pizza, pull a brew, put your feet up on the coffee table and watch the news media pee their pants. Regardless of which wins, they are so flawed, nothing much will get done until the race begins with two new candidates immediately after the impeachment. To both actors in this drama… “Break a neck”.

Alan McConnell

As a semi-retired, father of three, (Journalism - University of Southern Colorado) a supporter of Hillsdale College, and a life-long entrepreneur, my opinions come from a "floating trailer park" in Honolulu. As a constitutional conservative and former Texan, I have a difficult time referring to myself as a Republican, although Republicans most closely approach my beliefs.

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