Mugged By Reality: How a Liberal Came to Love Guns and the NRA

There is an old saying that a conservative is a liberal who was mugged by reality and here we have an absolutely perfect example to prove that saying. For this is the story of a liberal who turned against his hatred for guns and the NRA and embraced them only after he was mugged at gunpoint in San Francisco, California.

A now former liberal named Ryan Moore says he used to be an anti-gun extremist but he has done an about face, joined the NRA as a lifetime member, and started learning about firearms after two strong arm robbers stuck guns in his face and stole everything he had on his person.

Naturally, the brazen robbery scared the living heck out of him. But it also led to a major shift in his political perspective.

Recently Moore told the National Rifle Association that his feels-good liberalism didn’t save him at all from being mugged in San Francisco a few years ago. The robbery scared him into reality and it ultimately taught him that his PCism wasn’t going to shield him from real-life dangers.

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Moore made his stunning admission during a March 9 interview on the NRA’s “Cam and Company” show explaining hat he has decided not to “hide” or “be ashamed” of his newfound respect for the NRA.

According to the “Cam and Company” mainpage:

Social media strategist Ryan Moore was once a liberal who opposed the NRA and thought the Second Amendment should be repealed. When two guns were held to his head by criminals during a robbery in San Francisco, a long process of conversion began. Two years later, he built a home in Washington state. He bought a gun because he had concerns about security. He enjoyed shooting at the range. He began watching videos and NRATV. He renounced the Democratic Party for its anti-gun positions. Today, Ryan’s a conservative and proud NRA Life Member. He’s still a caring person who loves animals.

Moore told Edwards that he was once a “lifelong Democrat” and was one of those true believers who wanted to see a full repealing of the Second Amendment. He even joined efforts to destroy the NRA and once tweeted “the NRA must be stopped.”

But all that activism came to a screeching halt one fateful night when his warm blanket of social justice beliefs didn’t stop two creeps from pushing guns into Moore’s face as they demanded he turn over his valuables.

The robbery took a bit of time to filter down through his brain and to his thought process.

Until the robbery, Moore said that he was an apartment dweller and that the doormen and multiple doors of entry and locks gave him a false sense of security. But he was getting ready to move into a single-family home and at some point after the robbery he began to wonder what he would do if someone tried to break into his home.

The robbery and the pending change in his housing situation made him start to think about his life’s choices.

“That mugging along with being a homeowner really brought me around and got me to decide to purchase a gun,” Moore told Edwards.

Mr. Moore later moved to Washington and then began to look into buying a gun and learning how to use it by practicing on a shooting range. He even said he was somewhat surprised at how “nice” everyone at the gun store was when he went there.

The former strict liberal began doing some research and eventually started taking a more serious look at the NRA. He quizzed his nephew, who was an NRA member, and by 2016, Moore decided that he should take the plunge and join the Second Amendment Civil Rights group.

He soon began to see that his previous feelings that the NRA was a domestic terror outfit that “incited violence” wasn’t anything like he once thought.

Moore did say that he was turned off by the NRA’s political action work when he first joined but after reading the gun group’s political warnings he began to realize that the left really does want to subvert the U.S. Constitution. In fact, his new perspective made him altogether rethink his association with the Democrat Party.

While he was still a Democrat for the previous presidential election and even voted for Hilary Clinton, Moore now says that he is officially done with the Democrat Party.

“It took me a few more months to say, ‘I’m a conservative. I’m a Republican. I support the president,'” Moore told Edwards “People need to respect each others’ views and have an actual dialogue instead of insulting each other and calling each other a terrorist or a racist because you don’t agree.”

Moore also noted that as he read more of the NRA’s materials, he kept upgrading his membership until he finally decided that he would go with the lifetime membership option.

So, mark down one Mr. Ryan Moore as yet another liberal who was mugged — literally — by reality and come over to the side of truth and light with we conservatives.

Mr. Moore’s story shows signs of similarity with another liberal who was shocked when she actually met some real conservatives. Former Hillary Clinton staffer Annafi Wahed decided to attend this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) where she finally decided to — *gasp* — talk to a real life conservative.

The young liberal, who attended the conservative convention as a member of the media, ended her Wall Street Journal editorial lamenting all those years she spent being so darn sure that conservatives were evil.

Although CPAC attendees were as passionate about policy as my liberal friends, they took a more lighthearted approach. At one after-party, they alternated between taking selfies with Milo Yiannopoulos and engaging in a thoughtful, substantive discussion with a Democrat. One notable exchange: I exclaimed, “Of course the Department of Education is necessary!” which drew the rejoinder, “Great! Let’s make 50 of them!”

As I look back on all the people who greeted me warmly, made sure I didn’t get lost in the crowd, and went out of their way to introduce me to their friends, I can’t help but wonder how a Trump supporter would have fared at a Democratic rally. Would someone wearing a MAGA hat be greeted with smiles or suspicion, be listened to or shouted down?

At Hillary rallies, we always filled the stands with our biggest supporters. At CPAC, most of the few liberals in attendance had media credentials, as I did. I’m new to this, but shouldn’t we want to engage with people who aren’t convinced of our viewpoints? Why aren’t there more conservatives at Democratic rallies and more liberals at CPAC? What are we afraid of?

Wow. Imagine that. Conservatives are people, too.

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