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Mueller’s Tentacles Reach Tony Podesta, Who Promptly Jumps Ship

Now that Robert Mueller’s first charges have been filed in his probe of Russia’s “involvement” with the 2016 presidential election, there is really no telling where this train is headed.

Mueller had long been rumored to be moving outside the realm of reality in his probe into Russian collusion with the Trump campaign, (no evidence of which has been presented as of this writing).  Reports have swirled for weeks about the type of information the former FBI chief was looking for, including the democratic pipe-dream of Donald Trump’s tax returns.  Even after Mueller got his conniving hands on some form of that particular document there have been no charges pressed against Trump.

Monday’s first round of charges were revealed to have precisely no connection to the Trump campaign of 2016 either, leading to a great deal of trepidation among those being investigated.

On the democratic side of things, many prominent liberals are rumored to be in the hot seat as well, including Tony Podesta, whose brother was Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager last year.  Tony is so concerned over Mueller’s hound dogs having caught his scent that he has resigned from The Podesta Group lobbying firm.

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“The news came just hours after Mueller charged lobbyist and former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort and his partner Rick Gates with 12 counts related to alleged money laundering, tax evasion, violating lobbying rules, and making false statements.

“The charges were related to work they did for former pro-Russia Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych and his pro-Russian party ‘Party of Regions.’ Manafort had organized a public relations campaign on behalf of a pro-Russian non-profit called European Centre for a Modern Ukraine (ECMU), and the Podesta Group was one of several firms who worked on that campaign to promote Ukraine in the United States.

“The Podesta Group belatedly filed paperwork with the Justice Department in April stating it had done work for the campaign, which benefited the Party of Regions. The Podesta Group said at the time it believed its client was a European think tank untethered to a political party, according to Politico.

“Last week, NBC News reported that Podesta and the Podesta Group were subjects of Mueller’s investigation, which has ‘morphed into a criminal inquiry into whether the firm violated the Foreign Agents Registration Act.’”

With more and more democrats winding up in the crosshairs of Special Counsel Mueller, Americans will possibly be learning a great deal about the deviousness of the liberal left in American politics, although the free-range given to Mueller has many in Washington worried.  With no limit to what damage he may cause, Mueller could easily become a loose cannon out to avenge whatever personal, political wrongdoings that he believes that he has previously suffered.

Now that it seems that there are little restraints on to what and who Mueller can investigate, however, may we all suggest a deep and thorough look into Seth Rich’s murder?

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