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Mueller’s Rusty, Crooked Hooks Somehow Snag Big Fish For Sit Down

President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden meet with senior advisors in the Oval Office to discuss the shooting in Aurora, Colorado, July 20, 2012. Pictured, from left, are: Kathryn Ruemmler, Counsel to the President, and FBI Director Robert Mueller. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

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The American people have been forced to endure unprecedented attacks on their chosen leader over the course of the last year, but none has been more incessantly inexcusable than the liberal Russian conspiracy theory.

While the idea is cockamamy at best, the left believes that Donald Trump is either a Kremlin spy or being blackmailed by forces within the Russian government, and will soon hand over the keys to the White House to Vladimir Putin.  Or something like that.  We must remember that the liberal spin on this entire debacle seems to tilt every few hours to avoid research and debunking of their claims.

The man now in charge of providing results to this progressive posse is former FBI bigwig Robert Mueller, who has brought nothing of substance to the table in the months and months that he has been working the case.  Even as Mueller continues to reportedly expand his investigation into all aspects of all people who surrounded the President during his campaign, he has yet to provide anyone with a single scarp of evidence pointing to Trump’s supposed collusion with Russia.

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This has led the entire sham to be labeled a “fishing trip” by the free press – a natural precursor to a “witch hunt”, and only slightly similar to a “wild goose chase”.

Now, Mueller is under pressure from the left to come up with something that they can hang their hat on, and to get it, the Special Counsel is hoping to have a sit down with embattled former Trump aide Steve Bannon.

“Stephen K. Bannon, President Trump’s former chief strategist, was subpoenaed last week by the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, to testify before a grand jury as part of the investigation into possible links between Mr. Trump’s associates and Russia, according to a person with direct knowledge of the matter.

“The move marked the first time Mr. Mueller is known to have used a grand jury subpoena to seek information from a member of Mr. Trump’s inner circle. The special counsel’s office has used subpoenas before to seek information on Mr. Trump’s associates and their possible ties to Russia or other foreign governments.

“The subpoena could be a negotiating tactic. Mr. Mueller is likely to allow Mr. Bannon to forgo the grand jury appearance if he agrees to instead be questioned by investigators in the less formal setting of the special counsel’s offices about ties between Mr. Trump’s associates and Russia and about the president’s conduct in office, according to the person, who would not be named discussing the case. But it was not clear why Mr. Mueller treated Mr. Bannon differently than the dozen administration officials who were interviewed in the final months of last year and were never served with a subpoena.”

Bannon and Trump have seemingly been at odds in recent days after a book published by Michael Wolff indicated certain thoughts that Bannon may have privately held about the President.

Wolff’s book has long been considered nothing more than hypocritical liberal hyperbole, with even his publisher betting on a flop and underpainting the first edition to the point of absolute scarcity.

What Bannon’s appearance in Mueller’s investigation could mean is anybody’s guess, and, given the rough patch that he and the President recently endured, his testimony could be a very questionable piece of Mueller’s Putin-centric Pow Wow.

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