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Mueller’s Rabid, Anti-Trump Agent Will Testify Before Congress!

There has been a sinking feeling around Washington D.C. in recent weeks regarding Special Counsel Robert Meuller’s investigation into the #RussiaGate conspiracy theory, and it is threatening to expose the entire sham probe as the dumpster fire that it is.

We already know that the impetus behind the investigation itself came from a number of anti-Trump, pro-Obama sources that were secretly installed within the Trump campaign of 2016 specifically for the purpose of digging up some kind of dirt on the populist, conservative candidate.  Once these cretinous and clandestine crooks thought that they had something to go on, Hillary Clinton began to speak on the subject during presidential debates, telling America that there was a very real possibility that Donald Trump was a Kremlin double agent.

Of course, that isn’t true, but when have facts ever dictated the actions of Hillary Clinton?

Now, as we delve deeper into the investigation itself, we’ve come to realize a few things for certain…most importantly that the FBI has long held and anti-Trump, pro-democrat bias that has affected every single action they’ve taken in the probe.  One agent in particular, Peter Strzok, has been cited not once, but several times as an avid force against the President working within the Mueller investigation, at least in the beginning.  In once-hidden text messages between Strzok and his mistress, another FBI agent on the #RussiaGate case, ol’ Petey even went so far as to admit that the FBI “would not let Trump become President”.

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Somehow, the Mueller probe continues.

At least now Strzok will be giving We The People the answers that we deserve.

House Judiciary Committee chairman Bob Goodlatte subpoenaedFBI agent Peter Strzok Friday — days after an attorney for the embattled investigator said he would testify voluntarily before Congress.

The disgraced FBI agent’s deposition will take place on June 27th at 10:00 a.m. EST.

Aitan Goelman, Peter Strzok’s attorney, told the Washington Post last week that his client will appear voluntarily before the House Judiciary Committee or any other Congressional Committee— without immunity or invoking his Fifth Amendment rights.

The Justice Department watchdog report released last week concluded Strzok had shown “bias,” during the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email use.

Strzok’s testimony could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back, so to speak, with public approval for the Mueller investigation hovering precariously near the tipping point of 50%, below which the President would be cleared to call into question the continuation of the so-far unproductive probe.

After all, this country does belong to us, and if we say “end it”, who are our public servants to argue?

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