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Mueller’s Malfeasant Moscow Connections Made Public!

For a year, the President has been held hostage by a number of bizarre liberal claims of Russian meddling in the 2016 election.

We’re not surprised.  The shock and awe of Hillary Clinton’s massively embarrassing loss to citizen President Donald Trump was a total shock for the lunatics on the liberal left.  They were incensed, enraged, and wholly infuriated at the idea that their chosen figure hadn’t been simply anointed by former President Barack Obama right there on the spot in November.

Soon, the conspiracy theorists were out in full force, claiming that the Russian government had “hacked” our election. Then they claimed that Moscow had infiltrated our media to publish stories that spoke ill of Hillary Clinton.  (Trust us, there was enough to work with without any Russian help).

And, in leading up to now, we have been inundated with several more insane and cockamamy theories that involve secret FBI moles, Russian prostitutes, and any number of Deep State delusions.  Still, no evidence of wrongdoing by the President has been presented.

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Now, as numerous prominent political voices have begun calling for the end of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s misguided investigation, it turns out that the former FBI Director may have some crimson red skeletons in his closet as well.

The conflicts of interest with Robert Mueller and his unconstitutional Russian collusion witch hunt keep piling up, yet he keeps moving full steam ahead.

It turns out back in 2009, Mueller’s FBI with the help of Andrew McCabe courted Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska for a secret mission to rescue a retired FBI agent–yes the same Russian who is now caught up in Mueller’s witch hunt.

Mueller may have also broken the law by allowing his FBI to carry out this secret mission.

This would be an enormous conflict of interest for the Special Counsel, who has shifted focus in the absurd investigation endlessly, hoping to ensnare someone, anyone in his little game.

According to John Solomon, Deripaska was rewarded by the FBI for his work. Solomon says Deripaska was chosen for the secret mission by Mueller’s FBI in 2009 for three main reasons:

“The FBI had three reasons for choosing Deripaska for a mission worthy of a spy novel. First, his aluminum empire had business in Iran. Second, the FBI wanted a foreigner to fund the operation because spending money in Iran might violate U.S. sanctions and other laws. Third, agents knew Deripaska had been banished since 2006 from the United States by State over reports he had ties to organized crime and other nefarious activities. He denies the allegations, and nothing was ever proven in court.”

Paul Manafort was previously questioned by officials in the Cayman Islands about his ties to billionaire Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska, a Russian aluminum magnate. Manafort was questioned by officials from the Cayman Islands in connection with a $26.2 million investment by Deripaska.

Could this clandestine Kremlin connection finally spell the end for Robert Mueller and his incredibly wayward probe?  Not like, if the Democrats have anything to say.

But this will further damage the credibility of a man who has long been skating on thin ice.  Perhaps that is all we’ll need to see him sink beneath the icy waves of reality, and into the murky, swampy depths below.

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