Robert Mueller

Mueller’s Credibility TANKS After Major Mishap in #RussiaGate Hoax

As we continent be bludgeoned with a steady stream of information, some true, some not, we begin to lose perspective on the big picture.

That is definitely not a mistake or an unintended consequence of the leftist political media.  This is a wholly purposeful tactic that is useful for the mainstream media in order to keep us both placated and overwhelmed simultaneously.  They create content that we cannot look away from, while filling our heads with their own interpretations of whatever images they choose to show us.  The format is nothing more than weaponized information and disinformation designed to keep us on the edge of our seats, but still without absolution.

Such is the case with Robert Mueller’s increasingly unkempt #RussiaGate investigation, in which the Special Counsel is attempting to find some way to help the democrats delegitimize President Trump’s electoral evisceration of Hillary Clinton.

What began with the cockamamy and bizarre theory that Donald Trump was somehow a Russian asset assigned to become the President of the United States with Vladimir Putin’s help is so unbelievable that the left has been forced to divert a river of information into our homes in order to cover up the absurdity of it all.  We are simply buried in information and nuance and we’ve forgotten that Mueller is literally attempting to tell us that the President of the United States is a Russian spy, as if we are living in some Chuck Norris movie from the 80’s.

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And, as Mueller continues to stray from the course and make inexcusable errors, the left continues to push other information at us to distract us from the truth of Mueller’s incompetence.  For instance, the leftist media cabal is having a hard time publishing any stories about Robert Mueller’s recent mishap in which he charges a Russian company with a crime despite that company not existing at the time in which the crime occurred.


Once again, Robert Mueller is barking up whichever trees he feels like, with no respect for the authority and responsibility of the law.

If this doesn’t prove to us that the entire Mueller scam is a witch hunt, then the mainstream media is still in control of the narrative – something that will need to be rectified before this entire Russian hoax comes crashing down around us.

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