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Mueller’s Credibility Takes A Dive As Americans Call For His Resignation

The democratic’s Russia conspiracy theory has taken an enormous turn this week, even if the mainstream media is refusing to tell us about it.

What began as the ridiculous rantings of then-democratic-nominee Hillary Clinton have blossomed into a full-fledged assault on the character of our Commander in Chief as the left side of American politics continue to pathetically insinuate that Donald Trump is some sort of Russian agent.

The first inkling of trouble came during the presidential debates of 2016, when known criminal Clinton slyly dropped hints about her conspiracy theory that linked Trump with Putin.  The radical left, of course, ran with it, and that brought the mainstream media into the fold as well, disseminating already-debunked information and unverifiable “dossiers” that attempted to undermine the political revolution that Trump was spearheading.

When the dust settled, a great many Americans knew better than to believe the always-shady Clinton, and Donald Trump was elected to the Oval Office.  This, however, did not stop Clinton and her cronies from continuing their onslaught against the President.

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The “Russia This, Russia That” nonsense continued well into the President’s first year on the job, and only recently slowed to a trickle thanks to revelations of Clinton’s own involvement in shady, Kremlin-backed deals during the Obama administration.

Now, as those details are being fleshed out, including the disclosure that the DNC worked hand in hand with the Clinton campaign to produce an unverifiable piece of tabloid trash known simply as the “Russia Dossier”, the American people are seeing that they jig is up.  The democrats simply projected their own Russian collusion onto Trump, as as such, Robert Mueller’s investigation into Clinton’s previous claims should be null and void.

This has led to a great many Americans calling for Mueller’s resignation, citing his close ties to the FBI, the democrats, and their own Russian involvement as, rightfully, a massive conflict of interest.

“The agency, when Mr. Mueller headed it, soft-pedaled an investigation highly embarrassing to Mrs. Clinton as well as the Obama Russia reset policy. More recently, if just one of two things is true—Russia sponsored the Trump Dossier, or Russian fake intelligence prompted Mr. Comey’s email intervention—then Russian operations, via their impact on the FBI, influenced and continue to influence our politics in a way far more consequential than any Facebook ad, the preoccupation of John McCain, who apparently cannot behold a mountain if there’s a molehill anywhere nearby.

“Which means that Mr. Mueller has the means, motive and opportunity to obfuscate and distract from matters embarrassing to the FBI, while pleasing a large part of the political spectrum. He need only confine his focus to the flimsy, disingenuous but popular (with the media) accusation that the shambolic Trump campaign colluded with the Kremlin.

“Mr. Mueller’s tenure may not have bridged the two investigations, but James Comey’s, Rod Rosenstein’s , Andrew Weissmann’s , and Andrew McCabe’s did. Mr. Rosenstein appointed Mr. Mueller as special counsel. Mr. Weissmann now serves on Mr. Mueller’s team. Mr. McCabe remains deputy FBI director. All were involved in the nuclear racketeering matter and the Russia meddling matter.”

The masks are finally coming off around the Capitol, and calls for Mueller to recuse himself will soon turn to shouts.


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