Robert Mueller

Mueller Desperate! Bannon Grilling Goes Far Beyond Agreed Scope

In the dingy and dark corners of Washington D.C., an ugly investigation is taking place with a less-than-honorable goal.

Of course, we are talking about Robert Mueller’s bizarre fishing trip where the former FBI chief is looking into absurd allegations of Donald Trump’s alleged Russian backing during the 2016 election.  The theory itself is bizarre enough, having stemmed from the barely coherent ramblings of an obviously ill Hillary Clinton and her deranged democratic cronies.

What’s even more bizarre, however, is the length and depth of the ensuing investigation by Robert Mueller, which has been going strong for nearly a year now.

During that time, we’ve been treated to mere glimpses behind the scenes, with tidbits bubbling to the surface throughout the months of inquiry.  These tiny pieces of information have helped us form a terrifying collage, however, and many observers have now realized just how far off of the rails Mueller’s team is headed.

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Not only has this investigation moved beyond the bounds of the election itself, but there have been tacit queries into the personal lives of Trump and his associates, including a look into personal bank records that have nothing to do with electoral politics.  In other words, Mueller isn’t so much looking for Russian collusion as he is looking for democratic ammunition for the 2018 midterms and 2020 general election.

Just yesterday, Mueller’s team had the opportunity to speak with Steve Bannon, former Breitbart executive and Trump advisor.  Almost immediately Bannon was instructed to shush by his advisors, who cited an agreement to limit the scope of the questions to the election only.

“According to the White House official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, staffers for the committee and the White House on Friday discussed the parameters of Bannon’s testimony. The White House emerged from that conversation believing it had an agreement to limit the questioning of Bannon just to events during the campaign, and not during the transition period or his time in the White House.

“Then, hours into Bannon’s closed-door testimony on Tuesday, Bannon’s lawyers informed the White House from Capitol Hill that the questions would extend beyond the scope of what the White House understood the agreement to be. At that point, the White House told Bannon not to answer any further.

 “‘We said “Hey, hey, pump the brakes,”‘ the official said Wednesday. ‘We said to Bannon, “Don’t answer those questions because we haven’t agreed to that scope under the process.”‘

“The committee’s ranking Democrat, Rep. Adam Schiff, said the White House did not inform him or his fellow party members on the panel about such an agreement.”

Of course, the left’s refusal to acknowledge the rules set forth by the committee isn’t all that unexpected, given the trickery already being employed by the democratic forces behind the entire ruse.

As the length of Mueller’s probe continues to grow, so do the doubts about its possible efficacy.  Clearly, there is little evidence to corroborate the democratic claims of rampant collusion, as it would have surely been rooted out by Mueller’s massive team by now.  So, then, what exactly is Mueller looking for?

We will likely find out at a politically convenient juncture for the left.

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