So Much for the Peaceful Exchange of Power

Our country has a long and rich history of civil disagreement. There is no better example than the Federalist and “Anti-Federalist” papers. These letters published in newspapers brought the issues to the people as never before. But though Jay and Henry adamantly disagreed on the finer nuances of a free republic, they were neither willing to commit violent acts to get their way.

How things have changed.  Sadly we no longer live in a country where elections win the day. Where the free debate of ideas is welcome. We now live in a day where to disagree is to smash windows and burn cars

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Fox reports

Violent and destructive Inauguration Day protests escalated Friday afternoon ahead of the ceremonial parade, as demonstrators smashed window fronts and clashed with police — who used pepper spray and tear gas to try and control the crowd.

Authorities said roughly 90 people have been arrested so far.

In the downtown Washington area, blocks north of the Pennsylvania Avenue parade route, black-clad protesters hurled rocks at police in riot guard who used pepper spray and explosives, known as “flash bangs,” in response.

As I have reported, this is the work of the group DisruptJ20. They have vowed to disrupt what they call an illegitimate presidential inauguration. But, it is illegitimate because it is not who they wanted to win. But more than that, we have to understand that their worldview is at work in the reaction this election has caused.

They saw the last administration bring about the globalist agenda. This agenda was the promise of the world peace bringing utopia. The utopia which is the humanist heaven is all that they have worked and hoped. But this election dashed these hopes as Trump all but promised to undo all the globalist policies of the last twenty-four years.

It is just as well, as all hopes for world peace without the Prince of Peace is chasing after the wind.

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