MSNBC’s Petulant Pundits Hurl Inexcusable Accusations at POTUS

Certainly, the horrific, mental-illness-induced attack at a Florida high school last week has escalated the national narrative on gun control to absurd lengths.

The left is wholly refusing to recognize that confessed killer Nikolas Cruz was mentally disturbed, and no amount of gun control would not have prevented him from spreading his madness into the world at large.

Secondly, and we mustn’t ever forget this, Cruz was known to authorities, including the FBI, as a person who was more than capable and willing to commit such an act, having telegraphed his massacre through a number of violent incidents and threats in the past.  Cruz even went so far as to proclaim in a comment on YouTube, using his real name, that he would be a “professional school shooter”.

Still, authorities did nothing.

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Now, in the midst of an incredible escalation of liberal lunacy, the left is hoping to brush past these massive oversights and get the Second Amendment in their crosshairs.  In order to do so, they’ve begun to attack President Trump in unprecedented ways, lobbing completely inappropriate and dangerous accusations his way.

Just take MSNBC for example, who just yesterday claimed that Trump’s CPAC speech was Putin-like, and contained some throwaways from something they would have expected to hear from Fidel Castro.

“MSNBC hosts Ali Velshi and Stephanie Ruhle on Friday suffered a total meltdown after Donald Trump’s CPAC speech, foaming that the ‘strange,’ ‘lie’-filled address was reminiscent of brutal dictators such as Fidel Castro and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Ruhle labeled certain comments ‘absurd across the board.’

“Velshi fumed, ‘There were a lot of lies in the speech… It was a remarkable speech. It was lie to new topic to another lie. It was very strange speech.’ How often were MSNBC hosts concerned about the big lies told by Barack Obama during his two terms? Immediately after the ‘truly sprawling, meandering’ speech ended, Velshi compared Trump to thug dictators”.

This is, of course, an extremely dangerous road to travel, given the mass radicalization of the political left in America, which has been highlighted by incredibly heinous acts of violence – all in the name of disparaging America’s vast conservative majority.

Not only have we seen republicans targeted figuratively throughout the media, but we’ve also borne witness to the shooting of several members of the GOP at a baseball practice in 2017, committed by a deranged and devout liberal whose reading list included posts on Facebook groups that promoted the “hunting” of conservatives.

MSNBC’s assertion that Trump is tyrannical is serving no purpose in the national dialogue, other than to incite the radical left to violence and upheaval once again.  The future blood of innocents may very well be on the liberal network’s hands in the near future.

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