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MSNBC Viewers Furious as Rachel Maddow Booted Off The Air For Brian Williams


Rachel Maddow has had a maddening few weeks behind the helm of her primetime liberal “news” program on MSNBC.

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The host, whose parent network is failing miserably at capturing ratings in the crowded world of cable news, just weeks ago orchestrated one of the lamest publicity stunts to ever see airtime on a major cable network with her revolutionary new information regarding Donald Trump’s tax returns.  The host even went so far as to release a single, simple, and alluring tweet 90 minutes prior to airtime in order to draw a bigger crowd.  What happened next was utterly embarrassing and cringe-worthy viewing for even the most ardent #NeverTrump stalwarts.

Not only did the White House beat Maddow to the punch by releasing the same exact information as she coveted an hour ahead of her show, the entirety of the MSNBC pundit’s “scoop” were a mere two pages from a 2005 return.  Then, Maddow spent an infuriating 20-odd minutes during her show’s first act explain, s-l-o-w-l-y to keep viewers through the first commercial break, just how important it was for America to have an in-depth knowledge of Donald Trump’s entire financial history.  Then, after paying her advertisers their demanded lip-service, Maddow simply flopped.

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In fact, the sheer dollar value that Trump was shown to have paid in taxes in 2005 proved that the business mogul was actually paying his fair share of taxes…something that Hillary Clinton insinuated was not possible during her failed and embarrassing 2016 presidential campaign.

This strange stunt had the unwanted effect of galvanizing Maddow’s liberal snowflake demographic, as the host was attacked viciously form the right and the left due to the hokey nature of her non-story and her unwarranted buildup.

Now, the staunchest of her supporters are donning their Social Justice Gladiator armor after the host was interrupted by NBC icon Brian Williams during last night’s American airstrike in Syria.

“Fans of Rachel Maddow have expressed their disgust at ‘sexist’ NBC after the anchor was replaced on the show by Brian Williams who referred to the US missiles against Syria as ‘beautiful’.

“Williams, the breaking news anchor for the network, appeared during Maddow’s 9pm slot when news broke that the US military fired more than 50 missiles at the al-Shayrat base in retaliation for a chemical weapons attack on civilians.

“Furious viewers accused the network of ‘sexism’ and said Maddow was more than competent to cover the news without any help from Williams.

“The news was covered by Williams as he is the breaking news anchor for the network, meaning that during major events he takes over the airwaves at MSNBC no matter who may be hosting at that time.

“All the other major networks did the same last night as well, and while her fans may be upset Maddow has not voiced any complaints about what happened during her show.”

This just goes to show you that outrage can be manufactured from the very slightest of offense by lunatic liberals and their unbelievable victimizing complex.  No matter the course of action, there will be at least one purveyor of the leftist ideology ready to pounce at an opportunity to shame someone.


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