MSNBC Pundit says History will be “Rough” on Obama

Truer words have never been spoken… on MSNBC. History will be rough on Obama and the Obama era will not be remembered fondly.

Richard Haass is the President of the Council on Foreign Relations and has long been a leading member of the D.C. foreign policy community, so when he speaks, people in those circles listen. In an appearance on MSNBC this morning, Haass argued that President Obama would be remembered poorly in the history books – particularly on the way he handled foreign policy.

Sadly, for Obama, President Trump has quickly unwound most of the former President’s domestic policies (besides Obamacare) and so all that will soon be left to remember Obama by… is his terrible foreign policy. Just as the only things we remember Jimmy Carter for are failures, when our children look back on the Obama era the only thing they will remember is his many catastrophic failings. Obamacare, worsened race relations, Syria, Libya, ISIS, Yemen, Iran, North Korea, and the revitalization of Russia…

For Haass, Syria is simply the icing on the horrible cake that was Obama’s foreign policy.

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There was a sense that the Obama presidency was a bit of paralysis by analysis. And in some instances there was such a tight center, it was the president, Ben Rhodes and a few others who then afterwards tried to make a case that what they did was a solution to the chemical problem in Syria when everybody knows it wasn’t. No, history is going to be rough on this. This going to be the defining moment for Obama presidency.

What is so interesting about it is it’s going to be a moment of inaction, and it proves the point that what you don’t do can matter every bit as much what you do when you govern. And I think all these people, one disagreed at the time, they were probably thinking about their futures, but essentially it showed also that President Obama was something of a departure from the Democratic foreign policy national security mainstream, which are tougher. 🇺🇸

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