MSNBC Intimates that President Trump is Insane

Once upon a time President Trump seemed quite chummy with the hosts of MSNBC’s Morning Joe… apparently, those time are long gone.

For the last several months relations between Trump and hosts Joe Scarborough and Mike Brzezinski have been obviously souring, with both sides often criticizing each other. However, the hosts at MSNBC have recently taken the fighting to a new level, with Brzezinski arguing that the President might actually be unbalanced.

“I’m not sure he’s OK. I’m not sure he’s OK and you have that feeling with people who are not OK, where it starts to dawn on you that they are not OK,” Brzezinski argued.

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But the media isn’t biased y’all, they are “fair” and “balanced.” The media is simply “holding Trump’s feet to the fire” by suggesting that he’s mentally unstable. I mean it’s not dangerous at all to undermine the President with allegations of insanity, right?

Onan Coca

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