MSNBC Intelligence Expert says there is “No Reason” for Susan Rice to Unmask Anyone… Ever

Council on Foreign Relations President and national security expert Richard Haass dropped a bomb on MSNBC when he told the gathered hosts that there was simply no reason for Susan Rice to ever unmask anyone… EVER.

Richard Haass: “The NSC has two jobs… they are there to coordinate foreign policy, and national security, and you are there to be an adviser to the president on foreign policy counseling…

 It’s not the role of the National Security Council. This is now a legitimate area of inquiry. This is something that needs to be looked into because I can’t imagine the circumstances if this were to have taken place, where it ought to have taken place.”

Mark Halperin: “Let’s just talk about the environment. People in the Obama White House were freaked out that Donald Trump had won. Freaked out.”

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Richard Haass: “If anyone is going to do it, it has to be under extraordinary circumstances. This is an intelligence law enforcement function.”

While Haass chooses not to answer Joe Scarborough’s question directly it’s easy enough to read between the lines and see what he was refusing to say. The truth is that no other administration has ever done something as corrupt and capricious as what the Obama administration did and if they had, and the media had found out… there would have been hell to pay.

Sadly, when the media found out that the Obama administration had been using the intelligence community to spy on their opponents, there was no outcry. Instead, the media rushed to defend the Obama team and their criminal lackeys.

This is why America no longer trusts the media. 🇺🇸

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