MSNBC Host Shocked when he Realizes that Russia had Almost No Impact on the Election

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes is not the most far-left partisan at work on MSNBC, but he’s close.

Hayes is as ham-fisted a liberal as you’ll find on TV and earlier this week he was shocked to learn (on his own show, no less) that the Russians had minimal impact on the 2016 election.

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In fact, you can see it all in his initial response. When his guest (also a liberal) from the New Yorker, tells Hayes that the Russians played an almost inconsequential role in the 2016 election, Hayes can barely muster a shocked, “Huh?”

Chris Hayes: Do you think that it’s going to – it seems like in some ways it’s a remarkably effective model. In so far AS if you just want to mess with people, there is this kind of salt in the wound thing happening here, right? In terms of what the goals are, you don’t have to pull off some enormous thing. You just have to kind of be in people’s consciousness enough constantly in this sort of irritant way with 90 people you’re paying, running an operation that doesn’t cost that much money. It does seem like a good bang for your buck.

Adrian Chen: Well, the effectiveness question which everybody is talking about now, it’s of my personal belief that it isn’t all that effective. It’s essentially a social media marketing campaign with 90 people, a couple million dollars, a few million dollars behind it, run by people who have, you know, a bare grasp of the English language and not a full understanding of who they’re targeting, what they’re targeting. 

I think if you think about that in terms of just a normal marketing campaign, that’s not going to be a very good bang for your buck. 

Chris Hayes: Huh?

Adrian Chen: I think the paranoia aspect, right, the idea that there is this kind of all-powerful or immense propaganda machine that is going on, and anybody who is tweeting something that you don’t like or is kind of causing trouble on the internet.

That’s utter shock on Hayes’ face, if you were wondering…

Chen’s probably right here. The biggest effect from the Russians online attempts at impacting the election was simply all in our heads. Which means that we (meaning the media and the Democrats) gave the Russians EXACTLY what they wanted – we let them sow chaos into our national discourse, and even worse, we’ve let it drag out for more than a year!

Onan Coca

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