Robert Mueller

MSNBC Forced to Admit Americans’ TRUE Opinion of Robert Mueller

Somewhere along the way, the mainstream media began simply inventing the “news” as opposed to reporting it, attempting to cobble together a narrative in which they depose the fairly elected President of The United States.

This is truly shameful, and the left’s obliviousness to the entire debacle is indicative of the massive scope of this hoodwinking operation.  The democratic voters, who are either young or young of mind, know nothing other than the wild and wacky tales of Russian collusion to be truth, albeit only because they want to.  There simply hasn’t been any evidence to suggest that there was some sort of Kremlin connection to then-candidate Trump, and two congressional investigations have already declared the theory dead.

Still, the progressives persist.

They tell us outright lies.  They insinuate things that they already know are in the offing.  They cheat, lie, steal, and possibly murder in their quest to dethrone The Donald, and Robert Mueller’s bizarre #RussiaGate investigation is no different.

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America hates the Special Counsel’s probe into the democratic conspiracy theories according to polls, and even the highly biased folks over at MSNBC can no longer deny it.

Robert Mueller’s fishing expedition has been going on for more than a year. Now, Americans are telling MSNBC — much to the network’s consternation — that it may be time for Mueller to put up the “Gone Fishin’” sign on the special counsel’s door.

A new poll released by MSNBC shows a majority of Americans think Mueller’s investigation is a “witchhunt,” much to the surprise of the people at the network.

“The Robert Mueller investigation has yielded many indictments and convictions, but a recent poll shows most Americans believe Donald Trump’s pronouncement that the Russia probe is a baseless ‘witchhunt,’” the network said as they announced the poll, which merited a panel discussion anchored by Joy Reid as to “why the president is controlling the narrative on Mueller’s Russia investigation.”

According to the survey, only 41 percent of people believe the Mueller investigation has uncovered crimes, compared to 59 percent who believe that it hasn’t.

Yet, here we are; inundated every day with a new citation or process-crime misdemeanor meant to spook the spooks that Mueller is relying on for information.  This doesn’t even take into consideration the fact that Mueller’s ever-expanding probe has pushed well past the Russia nonsense and is poking around a number of personal bank accounts connected to the Trump family.


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