Mr. President, Don’t Stop Tweeting.

The Left in this country wants the President to stop his tweeting; they claim that it is not presidential. Here is another example of fake news. Here is the real truth. The President has almost 100 million followers on social media. On any given night the top ten networks on a combined basis will garner an audience of 13 million. William Shakespeare wrote a line in one of his plays, “Methinks thou dost protest too much.”

If you were outnumbered as badly as the media is, wouldn’t you want him to stop? By the way, if he did stop, who would come to his defense? Are there a vast number of newspapers, magazines, and TV networks who would come to Trump’s defense? Would the mainstream media stop their attacks if he stopped tweeting?

Apparently, the leaders of the Republican Party, who think he should stop tweeting, believe portions of the media will swing to Trump’s side and defend him. Do you honestly think the New York Times, the Washington Post and all top ten networks will start supporting Mr. Trump?

The fact that President Trump has not stopped tweeting is precisely why they hate him so much. The media thought that their vicious and relentless attacks would have driven him out of office by now. For far too many years, the media has successfully intimidated the Republicans, and the leaders of the Republican Party have succumbed to the media attacks and backed down.

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This intimidation has worked for such a long time that the Left has no reason to believe that it won’t work against President Trump. For the previous eight years, the country had a political organizer as president. His approach was, if I can’t get what I want from the Congress, and as he said, “I have a pen and a phone,” he would use an executive order to get what he wanted. The Republicans chose not to fight and President Obama, in one way or another, got what he wanted. The Left including the media supported his activity and rarely criticized what he had done. The media now finds, perhaps for the first time in the history of our country, excuse me Andrew Jackson, that we have a street fighter as President. The 100 million social media followers by and large like their street fighter going after the liberal elite.

The media calls President Trump a liar, and yet who called Obama a liar when he stood in front of America, and by a USA Today count, lied 36 times about Obamacare? Do you remember when Hillary said on September 22, 2016, “I don’t understand why I’m not 50 Points Ahead?” All the media supported and assured her with what they thought was her victory over Trump. The press expected the defeat of Trump and that Hillary was to be the first women President. Yet she lost and it was all Trumps’ fault.

The level of Fake News is unbelievable, and President Trump calls the media out on it. Yet they have to retract it when they can’t prove their contentions. They pile on more and more Fake News to try and bring him down, but he fights back. Some in the media don’t understand how a street fighting works; in simple language, you hit Trump and he hits back harder. He will not stand by and have he and his family falsely attacked.

So to those of you who think the President shouldn’t use social media, think again, for if President Trump didn’t defend himself, who would? Do you think that things would get better between the President and the press if he stopped tweeting? Why would you think that and by the way based on their actions what evidence do you have that what you think would ever happen?

When the Speaker of the House says that Trump’s Tweets, “Don’t improve civility,” does he believe that the media is acting civilly? Does he genuinely believe that the media will behave if President Trump stops tweeting? Here is an example of Republicans wanting to act civilly, when the Democrats and the media only want to destroy and drive Trump from office. Does Speaker Ryan honestly believe that if President Trump stops, both sides will make nice?

The media is very afraid that social media and the President’s use of it have altered their influence and they can’t give it up. They fail to understand that President Trump is a rough and tumble street fighter, and the best way to get along is to put away their brickbats and find ways to work together.

When I was a child, I used to go out with my uncle, who lived in southeast Ohio, and we would hunt for snapping turtles. My uncle told me if a snapping turtle gets ahold of you, it would never let go. Ladies and gentleman of the fourth estate, President Trump has only been on the job for less than five months. You have seven years and five months of confrontation to go, if you so choose.

To President Trump, thank you for standing up for what America needs and for what I need. Keep on Tweeting for what you believe, and don’t trust the media to change and be your friend.

Dan Perkins

Dan Perkins is a current events commentator who writes for several blogs including,, the, and among others. He is the author of the trilogy on radical Islamic terrorism against the United States called the Brotherhood of the Red Nile. Dan can be heard on W4CY on Tuesdays at 8 PM Eastern.

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