Mother Whose Son was Killed by Illegal Says, ‘God Bless Our ICE Agents’

Mary Ann Mendoza lost her police officer son to the murderous act of an illegal alien and she has a message for ICE. “God Bless them,” she says.

On Monday’s broadcast of Fox News’ Fox & Friends, Mendoza was on the show to talk about the problem of illegal aliens infesting this country today. Indeed, unlike today’s liberals who want to eliminate the Department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), she has nothing but praise for ICE.

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Breitbart News has the transcript of her appearance:

“God bless our ICE agents, and thank goodness they’re doing the job they’re doing,” Mendoza said. “This is just really showing the importance of vetting for legal immigration to our country so that our citizens are protected, as well as our law enforcement officers. We can’t just have people flowing over our border not knowing who’s coming here.”

She went on to call out the media reporting on illegal immigration.

“What I would love to see is a headline that reads ‘An American killed by a five-time previously deported illegal alien criminal convicted of crimes shown leniency in our courts and released back out onto our streets to kill an American.’ That would be a truthful headline, and yet no media outlet will ever print something like that. And this is what happens daily in our country. 4,300 Americans are killed by illegal alien criminals in our country, and you will never read a headline that is in support of our fellow Americans,” Mendoza added.

Mendoza then said she is thankful for President Donald Trump who “stands tall” when it comes to fighting illegal immigration.

“I thank God every day that we have a president like President Trump who is upholding our immigration laws and stands tall. And standing shoulder to shoulder with his fellow American citizens to protect us.”

Mendoza ought to know, too. The “Angel Mom’s” son, Sgt. Brandon Mendoza, was killed in a head-on collision with a drunk illegal alien in Arizona in 2014.

The aggrieved mother whose son is a victim of Obama’s support for illegal aliens was reacting to the recent story of an illegal who was arrested as he was driving his wife to a hospital for a scheduled Cesarean section to give birth their child.

The media went wild with the story portraying the arrested illegal as a victim of evil Trump’s evil ICE agents.

But, the truth was a different animal. The man was not arrested by ICE because ICE is mean to expectant mothers and babies, but he was detained because ICE agents found out that he had an outstanding warrant for murder lodged against him in his home country of Mexico.

It is unsurprising, though, that the media refused to report the actual facts of the case because the media has a pro-illegal agenda to push. So, facts need not apply.

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