Mosque Gets Beautiful Piece of Art, Police Call it a Hate Crime

Okay. So maybe the case isn’t so cut and dry, but the police investigation is ridiculous.

On Friday, a large painting of Jesus on the cross was left hanging on the fence outside of the Hillside Islamic Center on Long Island in Nassau County, New York.

The painting is actually a quite beautiful piece of artwork depicting the crucifixion of Jesus, but the local police are investigating the incident as a “HATE CRIME.”


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Who knows?

There is no reason for this to be investigated as a hate crime, because no crime was committed. Perhaps the person who left it hanging there was trying to say that “Jesus is better” than Islam, but that is no crime. They didn’t deface the property, they didn’t mock the beliefs of the Muslims who gather there, they left a piece of artwork on a fence. The most criminal thing that might have occurred here is littering.

Furthermore, Islam actually reveres Jesus as the 2nd most important man to ever live. Most Muslims reject the idea that Jesus was crucified but they do believe that he did not die and that God raised him to Heaven. They also believe that Jesus will return one day. So, the image of Jesus, in and of itself, should not bother them… the image on the cross may be offensive, but hardly hateful.

Even more amazing, consider the situation. If that same painting were to be hung on the wall of a home across the street, it would be art. Even if the painting could be seen by the people in the mosque, there would be no problem… but because the painting was hung on a fence outside the mosque, its suddenly a “Hate Crime.”

How far has our culture fallen that we are now calling beautiful artwork “criminal” and “hateful.”

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