More Violence in Charlottesville One Year After Attack…Guess Who’s the Culprit This Time

Last year, when a variety of groups from the far-left and alt-right gathered in Charlottesville, ultimately resulting in one woman’s death when a white nationalist plowed his car into the crowd of brawling protesters and counter-protesters, the media, mainstream and social alike, erupted into its own brawl of emotionally-charged debate over race, statues, and free speech.

What’s sad is that it could have been a uniting moment for those on the right and left who both stand against racism and violence and stand for the free expression of ideas and civil discourse, but instead, it was mostly a bunch of finger-pointing and fodder for “Republicans are Nazis” rhetoric for the next year to come.

Anyone sensible who was paying attention and knows that bad, riotous, and hateful people come from all sides of the political spectrum (although let’s be real, the “right” wing demonstraters in Charlottesville last year mostly believe pretty left-wing things, like identity politics and white nationalism).

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The truth that no one dared to utter about Charlottesville is that there is a good chance that the violence actually originated on the side of Antifa and Black Lives Matter, who had showed up to counter-protest the group of sundry white nationalists who were demonstrating against the removal of the name of Robert E. Lee from a local park.

This point was only further vindicated in a most unfortunate way this weekend, as Antifa gathered on the anniversary of the Charlottesville violence…to cause more violence.

The Daily Caller has the story:

NBC reporter Cal Perry went to Charlottesville, Virginia, to document protests ahead of Sunday night’s planned “Unite the Right” rally — and in spite of the fact that white supremacists had not yet arrived on the scene, approximately 200 Antifa-led protesters soon turned on the police and reporters.

Police, who had been criticized last year for retreating from the crowd just when things got bad, clearly had no interest in messing around and were already well-prepared ahead of the rally with riot gear and barracades.

The Antifa protests bean peacefully, DC reports, but as the evening wore on they began attacking police officers.

Then this happened:

How seriously can you take a political action group that will physically attack anyone that moves, including the media that’s more than happy to compare them to soldiers storming the beach in Normandy?

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