More Terror in Paris as Letter Bomb Targets IMF, One Injured


Paris has once again been targeted by some form of terrorist today, as a letter bomb exploded at the International Monetary Fund in the French capital.

Today’s explosion, while somewhat mild, comes on the heels of another booby-trapped package that was opened in Germany yesterday targeting that nation’s finance minister.  Both incidents have occurred in countries who have opened their borders to middle eastern refugees, and who have suffered immigrant-inspired violence and terrorism throughout the past year.

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“Police said one person was lightly injured when the envelope blew up at the offices in central Paris.

“The structure of the IMF building at 66 avenue d’Iéna in the affluent 16ème arrondissement ‘has not been damaged’, according to BFM TV.

“The victim, a female assistant to the director of IMF’s offices in Europe,  was ‘burned on the hands and face’, according to BFM TV.

“There is no indication yet whether there is any link between this booby-trapped package and one sent to the Germany finance ministry yesterday.

“Addressed to Wolfgang Schaüble, the finance minister, the package came from Greece and contained ‘an explosive mixture’ that could have caused ‘considerable’ damage, said police.

“The IMF Europe Office, located in Paris and Brussels, serves as ‘liaison to EU institutions and governments, as well as international organizations and civil society in Europe,’ according to its website.”

The past 16 months have been a virtual Hell on earth for certain parts of Europe, as the threats of terrorism and migrant-involved violence have dominated the continent’s psyche.  Between the coordinated attacks in Paris in November 2015, and this week’s letter bombings, Europe has been bearing the brunt of Jihad.

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