North Korea

More Ridiculous Rhetoric From North Korea as President Trump Mulls Action

North Korea has consistently pushed the boundaries of acceptable and ethical international behavior in recent weeks, and their latest threats deserve U.S. action.

What action, however, no one can say.  Kim Jong Un and his ridiculous regime have finally tested a projectile that experts believe could reach the United States, some saying that it could even bypass Hawaii and Alaska for targets within the contiguous U.S.  This is an alarming development for a nation that was previously unable to achieve even the most basic flight pattern on short range missiles, let alone ICBM-grade weapons.

Now, as China’s attempts to curb North Korea’s dangerous and erratic behavior have failed, U.S President Donald Trump has found himself embroiled in a potentially disastrous situation.  Military force seems to be the only maneuver that Kim Jong Un will respond to, however, the Pyongyang madman certainly has contingency plans in place should he be removed from power.  Not only is California a possible target of the reclusive regime, but U.S. allies such as South Korea and Japan are certainly within striking distance of a North Korean Nuke.

And, right on cue, Kim Jong Un has ramped up the rhetoric machine once again, threatening to incinerate the United States.

“NORTH Korea has vowed to ‘turn the US into a pile of ash’ if Donald Trump tries to curb the nation’s nuclear ambitions by force.

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“State-run newspaper Minju Choson warned military confrontation will ‘inevitably lead the US to self-destruction’.

“The regime has also conducted several underground tests of atom bombs, although it is not known if it has succeeded in shrinking the device to a size that could be carried on a missile.

“Last week America’s UN ambassador Nikki Haley said Washington was prepared to use the full range of its capabilities to defend itself and its allies from a threat coming from North Korea’s missile and nuclear programs.

“The US diplomat did not rule out the use of military force if necessary.”

In the case of the rogue regime, it seems that there are very few, if any, options for dealing with Kim Jong Un’s child-like madness.

Beyond North Korea’s continued use of violent vitriol and threatening weapons tests, the hermit kingdom has been at the forefront of human rights violations in the years after the end of the Korean War.  Kim Jong Un is currently overseeing a bevy of Holocaust-inspired concentration camps in which gruesome and horrific acts are committed hourly.  One such victim of these camps, an American named Otto Warmbier, was recently returned to the U.S. in a coma stemming from his treatment abroad.  Warmbier died just days after being returned to his family after being accused of removing a poster from the wall of a North Korean hotel.


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