More MAGA Hat Discrimination, But This Time It BACKFIRES BIG TIME

In our current, corrosive political climate, the liberal left are pushing for total and utter chaos on the national state by openly discriminating against conservatives.

The reason for this is simple:  Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election.  For some reason, the left simply cannot accept this fact, and have turned to mass radicalization in an effort to defy The Donald.

Also, if we’re being honest, much of this overt rage is nothing more than a virtue-signaling mating dance being done through social media, or a politically-charged online dating site profile picture.

Now, as more and more Americans are proudly sporting their “Make America Great Again” hats in public, it has become unfortunately easier for these angry leftists to single out and confront those of us who still adhere to our traditional American patriotism in public.  An ugly incident between an Uber driver and his young, black, conservative customers has now backfired on the “resistance”, motivating these Trumplicans to possibly run for office.

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Matthew Handy and Adria Barrington discovered it is not always easy to be a black conservative who supports President Donald Trump in Washington, DC.

…Handy and Barrington and another friend ordered an Uber to take them to Trump International Hotel for a Make America Great Again meetup.

The driver spotted their MAGA hats and allegedly refused to give them a ride.

Handy and Barrington told Breitbart News they were taken aback by the encounter but, at the end of the day, they feel empowered.
“I was mad,” Handy said. “I was furious. It struck a chord with me only because we’re supposed to be accepting of everybody else but when it comes to us and our beliefs, we’re supposed to keep them quiet or hide them.”

Barrington and Handy are looking to have the last laugh, however…

Barrington said the discrimination she faced would make her “push harder.”

“I might even run for office now,” Barrington said. “It’s just an empowering effect.”

“I want to be the face of the new black American conservatives,” Barrington said. “I think it will start here with us. I really do.”

I, for one, am ready to see what these enthusiastic, aspiring politicos can bring to the table.

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