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More Forces Join America, China in Korean Peninsula


The world may have finally had enough of Kim Jong Un’s ridiculous threats and actions in the secretive nation of North Korea.

After issuing a dire warning last night that Thursday would usher in something “important”, many believed that the despotic regime would buck international pressures and test a nuclear weapon for the world to see.  Whether or not this threat has any merit whatsoever has yet to be seen, however, as North Korea has a long and storied history of writing checks with their rhetoric that their military can’t cash.

This latest ominous threat comes at a time that the hermit kingdom is seemingly at odds with the entire world.  Their defiance to international decorum has them currently facing 150,000 Chinese troops amassed on their border, U.S. warships off their coast, and the whole of South Korea – a nation that has been patiently waiting for someone to take out the “supreme leader”.

Now, Japan has decided to get in on the action.

“Japan plans to send several warships to the Korean Peninsula to join the U.S. warship Carl Vinson, which was redeployed to the region Monday according to reports. Kyodo news agency, a cooperative news agency based in Japan, and Reuters both cited sources that had confirmed ships from Japan’s naval fleet would travel to the East China Sea to join U.S. forces.

“The Carl Vinson, a U.S. aircraft carrier, and several other warships were rerouted from training exercises in Australia towards the Korean Peninsula on Monday. North Korea reacted angrily, saying it was ‘ready for war’ and and accused the U.S. of a ‘reckless’ provocation through its increased presence.

“According to Reuters, one of its sources had ‘direct knowledge of the plan,’ to join the U.S. ships, while the other had been briefed about it. They told the news agency that the Japanese military planned to join the U.S. forces for drills when the Carl Vinson moved through waters near Japan. Reuters said the Japanese military did not respond to its request for official comment.”

North Korea’s leadership has been under increased scrutiny in recent years, as the government’s blackout of international media has been slowly eroding.  North Koreans are defecting at alarming rates, seeing the outside world for the first time, and joining covert efforts to bring the truth of the globe to those still trapped under the thumb of Kim Jong Un’s regime.

Worse yet, many fear that once North Koreans are liberated from the petty tyrant of Pyongyang, that massive concentration camps will be discovered and untold horrors rivaling that of The Holocaust will come to light.


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