Roy Moore

More Evidence of Deep State RINO Coup Emerges in Roy Moore Case

Americans elected President Donald Trump, a Washington outsider, precisely for that very unique characteristic.  This scares the pants off of D.C. and it’s denizens.

No longer are the American people accepting the status quo in the nation’s capital, as congressmen and women accept increasingly enormous sums of money to sell out our nation’s resources, jobs, and people to the highest bidder.  Lobbyists, special interests, and often the corporations themselves have had their boot on the neck of the American populace for decades upon decades, and that is something that Donald Trump isn’t comfortable with.

The problem inherent in D.C. now is that Mitch McConnell and the other stooges on Capitol Hill are actively fighting back against the Trump agenda in order to maintain their cushy kickback lifestyle.  Trump, and any possible additions to the true conservative wrecking crew he commands, will be perceived as serious threats to the status quo.

Roy Moore of Alabama is exactly the sort of man that Trump needs in Washington, and for that reason, the GOP establishment is actively seeking his removal from the state senate race after bizarre, unverified allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced this week.  The alleged incident occurred over thirty years ago, too boot.

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Now, amidst the confusion and campaigning, one prominent conservative has made some very disturbing allegations of his own, specifically regarding Mitch McConnell’s involvement in the timing and subject matter of the Roy Moore allegations.

During an interview with Ned Ryun of American Majority, Steven Bannon got to the bottom of the issue.

“Bannon interpreted this to mean that Ryun was accusing the D.C. ‘consultant class’ of concealing a good deal of inappropriate behavior toward women.

“’That’s what I am implying,’ Ryun replied. ‘I think this might, ultimately, even though there are going to be some interesting moments moving forward, I think this will be a good thing for the populist movement.’

“Ryun said there was no doubt in his mind that the allegations against Moore were part of an ‘organized hit,’ as Bannon put it.

“’I’ve been in D.C. almost 20 years. And, again, I don’t have hard proof, and I will say this clearly: I do not have hard proof, but I strongly suspect it’s a very short list of people, all who are associated with Mitch McConnell – whether it’s Josh Holmes, whether it’s Karl Rove, might even be Steven Law – I don’t know, but I strongly, strongly suspect somebody out of the McConnell camp planted the story.’

“’It was planted. This came with the blessing of Mitch McConnell at some point, that he was going to take a political shot at Roy Moore,’ he declared.”

The damning accusation merely reiterates what many in Capitol Hill have already suspected regarding the sudden onslaught against Moore’s character that is taking place.  McConnell, and a bevy of his fellow RINO republicans, have been eyeing every possible maneuver in order to secretly stymy the President and subvert the will of the American people who elected him.

For his part, Donald Trump has been effective as sniffing out rats and leakers previously during his tenure in the Oval Office.  Perhaps he can find McConnell’s tail before the majority leader scurries off with all of the cheese.


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