Moral Values of Democrats vs. Republicans

In the wake of the recently released video of Donald Trump bragging about groping women, many Republicans have expressed their outrage and have pulled their support of him for President. Some top Republicans have openly declared they will not vote for Trump and some have stated that they will vote for Mike Pence for President. Many other Republicans running for local, state and federal offices have disavowed Trump and are trying to distance themselves from him in order to salvage their own campaigns.

I too believe that Trump’s comments were irreversible and deplorable. However, Donald Trump admitted his mistake, promised to never do it again and he apologized to the American people for ever saying it, even though it was 11 years ago. As a Christian, I’m called to accept his apology and forgive him.

I understand the outrage among Republicans, but the outrage coming from Democrats and the liberal media is a clear display of their empty and corrupt moral values.

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Prior to and during Bill Clinton’s presidency, he repeatedly had adulterous affairs. He not only had sex with a number of women, but he groped and is even accused of raping a woman. He was impeached by Congress for his actions and lying to the American people and Congress about his adulterous and lying actions.

What did Hillary Clinton do in response to Bill’s actions? She defended him and is even reported to have threatened the rape victim and several others that Bill committed adultery with. She never condemned him nor did she or fellow Democrats say that he was unfit to be President. Even Bill Clinton’s rape victim, Juanita Broaddrick is condemning Hillary’s reaction to the Trump video, but no one else is.

Hillary Clinton has a long history of lying to the American people, to Congress and even the parents of the Benghazi victims. Ambassador Christopher Stevens repeated asked for more security protection for over 6 months prior to the attack on the Benghazi compound, but Hillary, as Secretary of State, chose to ignore those requests and allow Stevens and three other brave Americans to be brutally murdered by her Muslim buddies. Then Hillary lied to the media and American people about Benghazi claiming it was in response to a little known anti-Muslim video made in a garage. Then with the bodies of the 4 slain Americans being unloaded from the plane here in America, Hillary lied to the parents of the slain Americans when she promised to keep them informed as to what really happened. The last I heard, one of those parents say she has yet to hear from Hillary. If Hillary can cold-bloodedly allow loyal Americans to be sacrificed by her Muslim friends, then what makes her qualified to be Commander-in-Chief of our entire military?

Emails! Hillary has repeatedly lied to the media, American people and Congress about her emails. She still swears that she never sent or received classified emails via her private email server and yet it has been proven before Congress that she did. It was also proven that she violated federal laws in using and lying about her private email server while Secretary of State.

Hillary has also supported many of the anti-American policies of the United Nations. As secretary of State, she signed a number of UN resolutions including ones that would virtually make private ownership of any firearm illegal.

Yet, the liberal press and Democrats continue to stand behind Hillary Clinton and support her bid for the presidency. I’m not trying to be sexist, but many women also continue to support Hillary because she is a woman and overlook her treatment of women, and her support of her husband’s adulterous actions.

The differences in responses to Hillary and Trump clear show the difference between the moral values of Democrats versus Republicans. Republicans are outraged by Trump’s actions of 11 years ago and vow to not support him. Democrats choose to ignore Hillary’s far worse actions over the past 30 years and fully support her. Worse yet is that many of the Democrats and media that are condemning Trump continue to support Hillary even though her actions make Trump look like a choir boy.

Yet there is another major difference between Hillary and Trump. Trump admitted his transgression and apologized. Hillary remains defiant and refuses to admit her wrongs, even in the face of overwhelming evidence and she refuses to apologize for any of her many mistakes. Yet, Trump is the one being crucified by the media and others while Hillary is lauded for her defiant and lawless ways.

These differences in moral values between liberals, Democrats and Republicans could well give the presidency to Hillary Clinton which is only fitting as that is all America deserves because of our nation’s moral decay.

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